Best Facepainting available! Call 305-519-0195 Now!!Official Face painter of South Florida Super Bowl/South Florida Parenting/Westland Mall etc

Cinderella, so this is love, a dream is a wish your heart makes....

So this is love.... The most beloved Princess any age girl dreams of Cinderella visiting her Party, facepainting, songs and games, prizes and of course a "Princess dance".
 Games like Freeze dance, Hot-potato, Hula hoops, Hokey-Pokey, Limbo and Chicken dance, just to name a few.  Is she ready to receive a Birthday letter from Cinderella?....For $7. Cinderella can send her one on her special day. 305-519-0195 or

C A L L o r T E X T N O W T O R E S E R V E Y O U R S P E C I A L D A T E : 3 0 5- 5 1 9 - 0 1 9 5 O R E M A I L P R I N C E S S C I N D E R E L L A R I G H T N O W T O H O L D Y O U R D A T E :

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