Welcome to Tanglewood Farm


                                           Tanglewood was started over 30 years ago as a Miniature Pinscher kennel.  Many Champion MinPins called Tanglewood home.  Kathi started showing Appaloosas in the 70's, and so started Tanglewood Farm.
                                           Dun Roven Chelsea came to the farm in 1981, after Kathi saw an ad in Appaloosa News that he was for sale. His disposition, talent and temperament was the perfect formula for a Champion.  Not only was he successful in and out of the ring, he also produces it.  Our horses are handled daily from the day they are born.  We believe the Love, Discipline, and Respect shared with our horses is part  of our Secrets To Succes.

                                          Kathi trained and showed Chelsea PJHSA and IVAA open circuits, earning many COM's and the highly sought after Versatility Championship in only 10 shows.

                                          Chelsea was shown at only a few regional shows, picking up some points.  Kathi started showing  his offspring instead.  Retiring Chelsea for pleasure use and a breeding stallion.  His offspring started winning futurities and National points.

                                          Then, in 1990, she brought Chelsea out of retirement to hit the big shows.  Chelsea was 15 years old, and was #2 in the Nation, year-end, and #9 in another class, and was also Top Ten at Worlds and Nationals.  His son was Reserve National Champion, and # 3 in the same class .

                                          Over the years Kathi did use some professional trainers to help achieve her goals.  Thanks to Mike Rowe, Ray and Connie Burchette, Frank Frasca, and Tracy Lawyer-Reynolds, for all their help in the past and the future.  Kathi started riding again, and takes lessons under the guidence of Mike Lawson.

                                          About six yeas ago, Kathi's husband, Mert started going to the shows. He began to like it, and continues to go.  Maybe he will start to show??  They also enjoy showing on the Colorado Rangerbred Horse shows, and have had several National and Reserve Champions.

                                                          Cheslea is now 33 years old, and is still sound enough to ride, and had 100% conception last year.  He continues to stand at stud at the farm.  This is due to the care, and feeding program that has been established at Tanglewood.

We have very few foals, so we can keep the 'hands on' that we like.

                                          They also have a private cat rescue called 'A Paw In The Door'  ,working with  a local organazation called F.U.R.R..                             

                                   We have quality Appaloosas with Foundation Lines!

                 Our Goal is to produce a Modern look for both Halter & Performance... 

   ~Even if you are on the right track. 
                                             you'll get run over if you just sit there~  


 Please remember to spay or neuter your pet.....

                                                                                 it stops the killing. 


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