Take A Virtual Trip Back to the Future on the P-520!


Takin' a looksee from a birds eye view

Hey Bud, smile, we're on camera.

Ok guys - what are we gonna wear tomorrow?

The shark that got a way

Welcome Aboard - I'll be your P-520 Tour Guide today.

The Good Ol' Boys

When are the girls gonna show up?


Let's just see what we got here...

GOT EM! ----- This is way better than that virtual reality crap!

Bed check Charlie

I told you to wear the brown shoes.

Whadga do now Jerry?

Hey! There's a hole in your boat!

Upon patroling Puget Sound....

the P-520 intercepted a Chinese Swan...

and this is it's boarding crew.

Looks ok to me Bud.  Yeh, got nothin, lets go.

Hey Bud - What do you want to do today?

Gimmie a minute, I'll think about it...

I know...Lets go see what boat I can restore next!

There's a nice one over there!

I don't know Don - I don't think we can get the scaffolding.

It is pretty damn high, plus you're talkin a hell of alot of paint.

Let's not get the first one we see- better look around some more.

Look - you can work on one and I can work on the other.

Don........not now!

Bill Somers on board the P-520

No comment.

Lets see-its about triple the size, so triple the cost, thats about
a couple hundred thousand more than I got right now.
(keep lookin')

Anybody wanna play battleship?


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