Take A Virtual Trip Back to the Future on the P-520!

                                      07' -  The Final Voyage Crew

Saturday 09-08-2007 - The P-520 got underway from Long Beach Ca. bound for Portland OR. (Swan Island). We have 9 crew members aboard, (from left to right) Jerry Tretter, Bud Tretter, Kurt Tretter, Joe Placente, Don Lashua, Mike Elias, Don Broker, Jeff Stickler,  and...'Newbie", Todd Ayster...

We had a great send off on the dock, Thanks everybody that was there. (thanks for the


It was a hard night lots of wind, the boat started to pound so we had to slow down to about 7 knots.

Then off Santa Barbara the wind quit, the seas laid down. We got back up to speed and rounded Point Conception at 0600 hrs on the 9th.  

Sunday 09-09-2007 - The day is picture perfect. Very little wind and a 4-5 ft swell. We have seen lots of sea life-Whales, Seals, Dolfins, Jelly Fish. We are now off of San Simeon.  Life is going great for us, we are moving along at 11.5 knots, the sun is out, no traffic.


At noon Joe got lunch out (fixin's for Sandwiches) Jerry got dinner out of the freezer (meat loaf) to defrost, we had dinner at 2000 hrs. It took forever for the meat to cook ...almost 2/12 hrs.

We had a very nice night crossing San Fransisco.... not much traffic. Very calm night.
We are standing 4 watches, 2 hours on and 6 hours off. not to bad off duty.

09/10/07 Monday 1100. It is still very calm we had some fog early this morning 0500 hrs. today is cloudy and cool...in the mid 50's.  Joe cooked eggs, sausage and toast for breakfast.... We will run tonight also and get to Crescent City early in the morning. The boat is runniing very good....having some problems with the auto pilot, but it is still working.  More later...



Tuesday 09/11/07 - We arrived Crescent City, CA at 0200 hrs this morning. It was foggy coming in. We tied the P-520 up and went to bed. Joe cooked up pancakes for breakfast.

At 1100 hrs we went to the fuel dock and topped off the tanks. We went back to the guest dock and Joe is making us lunch. "Most" of us took showers and cleaned up. After lunch the guys headed for the store, needed more eggs, and other things. The fishing fleet is comming in and we went to watch them off load. We had BBQ pork Chops for dinner with green beans and mashed potatoes. That is it for today...We all went to bed around 2030 hrs.

Wednesday 09/12/07 - Got up at 0430 and started the coffee.  Don B. got donuts. We are under way at 0530 bound for Coos Bay, OR.  It is still calm. Around 0830 we crossed into Oregon and Joe cooked eggs to order with bacon and toast. We are crusing about 3 miles off the coast.. It is overcast but not foggy. We have a great view of the coast.

1245 hrs. We just past Cape Blanco...At lunch time we had a hitch hiker .... a little green bird.... could not get his pictue.... Joe made lunch again.. sandwiches, from tuna, ham, bolonga,turkey. It is about 50 degrees with a light number 1 mist, but we have no wind and very flat seas. We arrived Coos Bay, OR. at 1550 hrs. We cleaned up a bit and went out to dinner at the Portside resturant. Good Eats there. After dinner we went back to the boat and called it a night.

 Thursday 09/13/07 We got up at 0500 hrs. Joe made the coffee and Kurt cooked cinnamon rolls, they were very good. We fired up the engines and got underway at 0650, just as it was getting light.

Today it is overcast and low 50's At noon Joe cooked us some grilled cheese and ham sandwiches. We had some light rain about 15 miles from Newport OR.

We arrived Newport at 1415 hrs. Jerry and kurt went to the Harbor Masters office to check in. Bud, Jeff, Mike, and Don went into town and came back with charts of the Columbia River. people from town are comming down to the boat to see what it is. The P-520 sure draws a croud where ever it goes.

Kurt cooked Taco's for dinner and then, he made strawberry's and ange cake for desert.... some of the boy's went into town for awhile...but came back pretty early.... they roll up the sidewalks pretty early here....

Friday 09/14/07 We got up at 0600 hrs. We had coffee and got underway at about 0745, Kurt made scramble eggs and biscuts and gravey, with sauage for breakfast. The ocean is one big pond today....no wind and no seas.....very nice....

0900 hrs. passing Cape Foulweather....(it isn't today) it is 54 deg's and cloudy. there is only about 1 kt. of wind from the south. very nice cruising.

1215 hrs. we are passing Cape Lookout.... There is whales and Seal Lions all around us. Joe is cooking us Hot dogs and Baked Beans for lunch. It is still very flat and glassy out here. It is still very flat and glassy out here, it has warmed up to about 60 degs. it is overcast... but you can see of about 20 miles.

1415 hrs. Jerry started to make french bread and the bread machine isn't working... had to make it by hand...

1700 hrs. We arrived at the mouth of the Columbia River. Joe is cooking spagetti, and Italin Sauage for dinner. He also had to cook the french bread (after it raised). We cruised Astoria looking for a place to moor for the night. At the east end of town we found a comerical dock and tied up... but first we had to get about 10-15 BIG Seal Lions out of the way. The noise from the exhaust did a fine job of that ...Kurt jumpped to the dock to handle the lines.....We were moored at 1900 hrs. That is about it for today.

Saturday 09/15/07 We got up at 0600 hrs. had coffee and got underway at 0650 hrs. It is 58 degs. and cloudy (no rain) The river is flat and no traffic. it is very beautiful the Washington side is green with trees and a few houses. Joe cooked french toast and ham for breakfast.

1200 hrs. Joe cooked BBQed rib sandwiches and soup for lunch...(very good) it has been a very great experance to cruise up the Columbia River... We have seen quite abit of river traffic. There is a sailboat race comming down river, with about 30 boats of all sizes 18 ft and above. lost of small power boat anchored towards the shore fishing. We saw the sternwheeler Queen of the West comming down river.... Great sight!!!!!

1500 hrs. We arrived our Mooring at the Navel Reserve Base at Swan Island, Home of the PT-658.... Our host.....

1800 hrs. Kurt BBQed Hamburgers for dinner.

Tuesday 09/25/07 0655 hrs. After 10 days of talking, We are Underway for Long Beach, CA..... Try as they will Portland did not have anything to offer at this time... We talked to many people about putting the P-520 in their museums. Maybe in about 3 to 5 years they would be ready for the P-520..... very disapointing!!!! We are crusing down the Columbia River headed to IIwaco, Washington.... We will be mooring at the U.S. Coast Guard Station, for over night at their tranist dock. After getting underway this morning we had some fuel starving problems, We pulled into St. Helens, We tied up at the Fuel Dock there, and Todd and Jerry spent about 2 hrs. trying to figure out the problem....it turned out to be a plugged fuel line, We blew air in to the fuel lines and got some pieces of rubber out of the line. After that things seem to be good.....At 1130 hrs. Kurt cooked us hamburgers on the BBQ.... Very Good... Everybody is enjoying the Cruise down the River... Very nice!!!1

1630hrs. Arrived Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment. We are the guest of the Coast Guard Station, We gave Tours of the P-520 until about 2130 hrs. They inturned gave us tours of their 47 Ft. Search and Rescue Boat. We had Chicken Pot Pies for dinner. We all were in bed around 2200 hrs.

Wednesday 09/26/09 We got up around 0530hrs. We had invited a coouple of the Guys from the station to make our next leg to Newport Oregon. David Ramsey, and Rob Mantell Arrived at the boat at 0615 hrs.. Rob invited us to breakfast at the station mess hall. They were having buscuits and gravey, everybodys farvorite. After breakfast, they gave us a tour of their 54 ft Rescue boat. We want to Thank the Coast Guard Station for their hospitalitly. It was very Nice to hang out there.

We got underway at 0750hrs. Headed to Newport Oregon.... It is a very nice day the Sun is out and the Wind is comming from behind us.We have about 5 ft. swell and about 16 kts. of wind... Kurt made some Pot Stickers and Sandwiches for Lunch.... We have been swaping stories with David and Rob...We have seen a few whales and dolfins. David made arraingments for us to stay the night at the Coast Guard Station in Newport. If we fit on their dock... We will see. We pulled in to The Coast Guard Station At ZNreport Oregon at 1700 hrs. We had 4 line handlers waiting on the dock for us.... The current was running very strong when we pulled in.... We gave a tour to the guys from the Guard.... We had Lazzanna for dinner... After Dinner Davidd and Rob left us to head back to their station.....It was very nice to have them aboard for the day..... Good Luck Guys.... Stay Safe....

Thursday 09/27/09 0600 hrs.. We got up and had coffee... check the weather and will be getting underway for Coss Bay, Oregon.....more later. We got underway at 0718 hrs. We had a last minute tour to give to one of the Coasties. We will be getting to Coos Bay around 1430 hrs. The weather today is sunny, with alittle fog, it is 49 degs. and the seas are about 4 ft. with about 8 kts.of wind from behind us.... very nice cruising. After a very foggy afternoon, we arrived at Coss Bay, Oregon..... Kurt made hamburger pie and salad for dinner.... very tasty... Jerry made brownnies for desert. The harbor is packed lots of boats heading south.

Friday 09/28/07 It rained very hard around 0300 hrs this morning. We got up at 0600 hrs. had coffee , the rain has quit and no wind. We will get underway at 0700 headed for Crescent City, CA. Bud was on the helm and at 0855, a whale breached right in front of us..... maybe 50 feet or so. that was very exciting..... We thought it was going to fall onto the boat.... then it came up and blew.... and showed us his tail and that was the last we saw of it... The wind and sea built all day until we had 5-7 ft seas and 30 kts. of wind...all from behind us....it wasn't too bad of ride We arrived Crescent City at 1655 hrs. Jerry cooked a pork chop and Potatoe O'Brian dish... The guys enjoyed it...... That is about it for today.

Saturday 09/29/07 Up at 0600 hrs. It is about 43 degs. We are having coffee. Checking the weather.... it looks like we may be here for awhile... the forcast is for 8-12 ft seas for tomorrow. Today we will get some fuel. We decided to skip fueling at Crescent City, We got underway bound for Eureka. Kurt made us eggs and hash browns for breakfast. We should get to Eureka at 1530 hrs. We arrived the fuel dock at 1440 hrs. completed fueling and back underway at 1610hrs. Eureka was having a Fleet Weekend. The Coast Guard and the fish boats were giving open houses, They wanted us to stay and be part of their celabration, But we had to go with the good weather. We did have a lot of people come by while we were fueling. We are headed to Bodaga Bay. We should get there about noon tomorrow.

Sunday 09/30/07 0700 hrs. Still steaming away We are passing Bodago Bay. The seas and wind are still from behind us. It is 54 degs. We have not seen another boat or ship since about 0200 hrs. Kurt made us cinammon rolls to go with our coffee. 1200hrs. We are passing San Franisco. Not much traffic, A few ships. Lots of sport fisher (charter boats) going to the farlon islands. We have seen lots of (about 50) whales and at sunset we have dolfins for about 1/2 an hour. We are have leftover Pork Chops for dinner. at about 1700 hrs we were comming up to Montery and Don Borker was on the help, he spotted what at first was a life raft. It turned out to be a kite for board kitting. We informed the Coast Guard, and we were on our way again. It was very windy and about7 ft seas, We were surfing upto about 16 kts. Fun....

Monday 10/01/07 0600 hrs. We are passing Pt. Arguello the wind has decreased to about 14 kts. We are riding good. The sun is starting to come up. The eastern sky is just starting to brighten up. We have two boats in front of us that we are going to pass in about 30 mins. Jerry is going to make coffee cake to go with our coffee this morning. The seas are running about 6 ft. from behind us.  At about 0830 hrs. We decided to go to Catalina Island due to our slip was being used until the next morning, as we were not going to return with the boat. the yard had it full of customers boats. 1740 hrs. We anchored at the Isthmus, Catalina Island for the night. We saw a lone Buffalo high on the ridge above the harbor.

Tuesday 10/02/07 0600 hrs. We got up started the coffee pot, Kurt is making Busicuts and Gravey for breakfast. We will depart for our last leg of this journey at 0800 hrs.  1100 hrs.  We moored at the shipyard and had a great reception, We tied the P-520 up, shut her down and went to lunch, then home, for some well deserved rest......  end of this trip.


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