Take A Virtual Trip Back to the Future on the P-520!


  Monday 11 July 2005  We got up around 0430 hrs. and started watching the weather.
It was blowing out of the south at about 15 kts. But by 0700 hrs. the wind had dropped to about 5kts. we got underway and had a rough ride down to the Columbia River. Then it got rougher. We made port a Garibaldi in Tillamook Oregon. We are still getting fuel in the bilges. Cannot find the source of this problem.
But we will have a few days to find it.  The weather does not look good until later this week. I hope it isn’t like Avila Beach. But the weather is the weather and we can do nothing about changing it.  Kurt, Joe, and Tony hit the beach to see what is here.
Don and Jerry stayed with the boat. We found Tom Kent who owns the Garibaldi Dry Dock boat yard. He is helping us get the water and fuel out of the bilges. We sent Joe and Don out to find us something to eat.

They came back with some burgers from the local bar. They were very good. They even came with fries. We are moored at the dry dock. We pumped until about 2300 hrs. and had enough for the night.

Tuesday 12 July 2005  We got up at 0600 and started pumping, all the water that we pumped last night was back this morning. Soooo, we start again where we left off last night. We did manage to get some coffee in us. We were done pumping water and fuel out of the bilges at about 1300 hrs. We ended up with 9 barrels of water and fuel. We then cleaned ourselves up and went out for lunch. Kurt has broken a tooth so he is in pain and has slept most of the day.
We will take him in to Tillamook tomorrow to find a dentist. The weather report isn’t very good thru Saturday. The local newspaper is coming tomorrow to do a story about the P-520. That is about it for today. We are very tired and are calling it a day.

Wednesday 13 July 2005  We slept in a little this morning got up around 0700 hrs. started the generator and made coffee, Tony went into town and got us donuts.
It is cloudy and drizzling. No wind here but, checking the off shore weather it is blowing 15-20 kts. with 5 ft wind chop and 5-6 foot swell. That makes 10 foot anyway you look at it. Jerry, and Kurt went over to the Harbor Masters Office around 1100 to look up a dentist in the phone book.
There are a few in Tillamook, that is about 12 miles south of us. The Harbor Master then told Kurt that he would give him a ride to the dentist. We are still waiting for the newspaper reporter to come by. He called Tom at the boatyard this morning and said that he was coming down. We are going to move the boat down to the marina, we will have shore power there, we will be able to shut down the generator. The best we  can figure is that we lost about 20 gals of fuel into the bilges.
Joe dressed up in his Mr. America cloths and grabbed his American Flag and went out for a run down Pacific Coast Highway. He got back about an hour an a half later and said he got a lot of great response from the town and drivers along the way.  Kurt got back from the dentist.

They did not do much, but gave him some pills to help with the pain and some antibiotics.  They told him to see his dentist when he gets home.  We moved the boat to the Marina about 1500 hrs.

We had Tacos for dinner. The newspaper reporter never showed up today. That is it for today. We will see what tomorrow brings for us.

Thursday 14 July 2005  We slept in until after 0700,
Had coffee and just hung out.
Jerry, Don, and Joe Went into town and Joe and Don did some laundry. Jerry looked at the steam train that is in town.
Very cool !!! 

After laundry we went to a local café and had lunch.  We then came back to the boat where the local newspaper reporter came down and interviewed the crew.
Joe got on his Mr. America cloths
and went for a run along PCH. We gave a few tours of the boat today. Kurt is still in a lot of pain, so Bud is driving up to pick Kurt up and take him to the dentist at home. Bud should be here Saturday morning or so. The weather is still blowing out in the ocean.  It still looks OK for Monday. We will see how it goes. Kurt is going to fly from Portland. One of our guests, during the tours today is going to Portland on Saturday morning; Walt Smith offered Kurt a ride to the airport. So Bud does not have to drive the 36 hours to come and get Kurt. We had another reporter aboard  that is going to do a story for the TV station here. You cannot belive the excitement this boat brings to the public. They come to see what the heck this big gray boat is. We had about 25 guest aboard today.


Friday 15 July 2005 Walt called last night and asked if anybody wanted to go fishing.
Well, Joe had been looking at the charter boat brochures and really wanted to go but he did not feel it would be worth about $200.00 bucks by the time it was all done.  So, Joe got up around 0500 hrs. this morning and went fishing on Walt’s boat. Also Joe was on TV last night on the eleven o’clock news.
He invited every one in the county to come on down and see the crash boat. It was foggy this morning earlier but now the sun is trying to come out. We are going to see what the bus schedule is and maybe go in to Tillamook (the big city). We caught the 1200 hrs. bus, we went into Tillamook and went to the Cheese Factory. They don’t let you see the process of making cheese. They do let you see it being cut and packaged. We got back to the boat around 1430 hrs. Tony had about 41 people on the counter. Joe was back from fishing. He caught about 10 fish, Some sort of bottom fish. The boat all-together brought home about 25 fish. Joe had a great time. So, guess what we are having for dinner.   "FISH"   Kurt did laundry while Jerry took a little nap. Don gave a few more tours of the boat. Tony went into town.  At about 1800 hrs. Joe got into the Galley and made a great fish dinner with fresh corn on the cob, and macaroni salad and apple sauce. It was Very, Very Good !!!! The fish was a very mild white fish. Joe did not know what it was. But we know it was good.

Saturday 16 July 2005  We got Kurt off to the airport in Portland at about 0530 hrs. Now there is only four of us on the P-520. We then had our coffee and got underway at about 0600 hrs.  It is foggy, maybe ½ mile visibility. The ocean has a big swell (maybe 8 foot) but there is no wind chop on it yet. We plan to go to Coos Bay Oregon, but that is about 130 miles. We'll see what the weather brings. We are off 10 miles from Newport Oregon, and it is still OK.  Coos Bay here we come.  Joe cooked us some Spam and Eggs for breakfast. The sun started to come out at about 1045. At around 1230 the wind picked up and soon we had about 4 ft wind chop from the north on top of the 6-10 ft swell from the North West. The P-520 took the following seas pretty good. We were Running the engines at about 1600 which give us about 11½  knots, but with the following seas and wind were doing up to 15.8 knots.  It was fun surfing the boat.
Around 1400 hrs. Jerry was doing an engine room check and found that the port shaft seal move forward from the hose  (pedro hose) that holds it in place this is what keeps the water out of the boat where the propeller shaft comes through the hull. We were taking on lots of water, but Jerry and Tony were able to fix the problem in just about 10 minutes. We arrived Coos Bay at 1815 hrs. We cleaned up a little and went to the café for dinner. Burgers all around. 
Sunday 17 July 2005  We slept in this morning until after 0700  hrs. Joe cooked us pancakes for breakfast, They were very good.  Joe, Jerry, and Don went looking for the hose clamp that we need. The marine hardware store is closed on Sundays.  Oh well…. Jerry tighten the clamps that we have.  Hope that works.  Tony went to do his laundry.  On the way back Don and Jerry got a Ice Cream cone. We did tours until 1800 hrs.  Jerry made spaghetti and French bread for dinner. After dinner Jerry looked at how far it is to Crescent City and the next days weather reports. It is about 110 miles to Crescent City and the weather report for tomorrow is 4 ft. wind chop from the north and 7 ft. NW swell, That is about what we had yesterday. And that is the best it gets for more than a week. We will get up around 0400 and take another look at the weather report. And decide if we are getting underway.

Monday 18 July 2005  We were up around 0400 looked at the weather reports on the computer and decided to get underway, we had a cup of coffee, then started the engines and off we went. It was pretty rough going over the bar at Coos Bay, We made our turn at the sea buoy and it wasn’t much better.  Joe cooked us French toast, with the left over French bread, boy was that good.!! The run to Cape Blanco was very rough, the seas were about 10-14 foot with a 3-4 foot wind chop on top it that.   After we rounded Cape Blanco the seas started to drop and the wind did also. We still have 4-6 foot following seas, but very little wind chop. It was a very nice ride. We crossed the California Oregon boarder at 1340 hrs. and moored at the fuel dock at 1530 hrs. We took 790 gals. But, We did not fill it to the brim. We left about 4 inches out of all the tanks. We now have plenty of fuel to make Long Beach. We then moved the boat to the transient dock, all tied up at 1645 hrs. We have no phone service or computer service. Jerry will have to go into town, later and see if he can find a way to get on-line. Jerry did not walk into town to get on the computer, and nobody’s phone worked in Crescent City. We had leftovers for dinner.


Tuesday 19 July 2005  We got up around 0430 hrs. and listen to the weather report. We had our coffee and got underway at about 0545 hrs. We had a big swell out of the NW but no wind. It was very foggy, maybe 1/8 mile visibility. We rounded Cape Mendecino at 1340 hrs. Very rough about 10 miles before and about 2 miles after it calmed right down.  Joe cooked hot dogs for dinner. We rounded Point Arena at 2130 hrs. it is still very calm and foggy.


Wednesday 20 July 2005  We entered the North traffic lane at 0325 hrs. and Departed the South traffic lane at 0630 hrs. There was lots of traffic coming to and leaving San Francisco. It was a very busy night. At 1202 hrs. We lost our steering, We were about six miles off shore  of Carmel. We were able to undo the steering arm and lock the rudder’s so that they were centered. Jerry ran the boat using the throttles. It was about 10 miles back into Monterey. Where we anchored at 1510 hrs. Tony and Jerry opened the steering box, They found that the steering mechanism had gone too far and jammed. We worked until after 1700 hrs. putting everything back together. Joe cooked us a chicken dinner.  After dinner Jerry and Tony changed oil in the Starboard Engine. Don and Joe played some cards.  That is enough for today.


Thrusday 21 July 2005  Up at 0430 making coffee and looking at the weather.  Both were good.  Up anchor and Underway at 0530. It is foggy with maybe 1/2 mile visibility. At about 1100 hrs. the auto pilot acted up again, but the steering did not lock up.   At about 1145 hrs. We saw a couple whales and dolphins. It is raining. Seas are running about 3-4 ft. from the north west with north west light wind chop maybe 1 ft.  We are heading for Point Arguello, Which we should round at about 1845 hrs. We might be home in Long Beach as early as 0730 hrs tomorrow. 1515 hrs. auto pilot acted up again. Yes, Clark, We actually had to hand steer for awhile, we remembered how to do that, even though for 2600 mile we had an auto pilot that gave us no problems.  It was fun for the first five minutes. We sanded the contacts on the pilot motor and it is working again. At 1600 hrs. we came across 1000’s of dolphins. It was a great show for about an ½ hour.  Way Cool!!!!! Jerry is cooking Pork Chops for dinner, and Cherry Pie for dessert. Last night out, another good meal to finalize a great trip. 1730 hrs. we came across about 50-60 Humpback whales, we saw four of them breach, two of them really close by. Lots of tail flutes. We had them very close to the boat. It was a terrific show. Bud informed us that Clark Green pasted away this morning, that he was in the hospital for the last two weeks battling pneumonia. We are deeply sadden by this news, as he was part of this crew for 10 days. He will be missed. After we rounded Point Conception, we had a great sunset., shortly afterwards we saw the full moon rise. It was big and orange. Very Cool sight.


Friday 22 July2005  We will be rounding Point Vicente at about 0645 hrs. that should put us into the slip at Marina Shipyard at around 0845. We are both sadden and happy that this voyage is coming to an end. We have made many new friends. We have heard many stories about the Crashboats, By the men who served aboard them or that had relatives that served aboard them. The stories are too many to be told here. But they will be in our memories forever. We want to thank every one who was part of this trip with us in person and or on-line.  We Thank You.

  Please come back and check the Web Site as there will be more Pictures. The story is not over yet there is more to come.


Friday July 29 2005   We are woking on getting the P-520 ready to haul her out of the water to see what is causing the leaks in the bottom of the hull. We will be add some new pictures of the trip in the very near future.

 *  Please see the Haul Out at Marina Shipyard Page for more detail  *

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