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Trip Log Page III

Friday 24 June 2005  We got up this morning  had our coffee and watched the sculls come back from there rowing. 


Jerry and Chuck went to Seattle to the Center for Wood Boats to look at the change in docking arrangements. We can tie the P-520 up there but it will take some doing to get guests on and off the boat, it is a small pier not a dock.We’ll see what they come up with.

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Joe did laundry,

Tony did some gel coat work.

Jerry cooked Bud some chicken and rice with mushroom soup gravy.

He also cooked spaghetti and gralic bread for the rest of the gang.

Saturday 25 June 2005  We got up this morning to find clouds and light mist, it is going to rain most of the day.  We had coffee, and started getting ready to get underway. We are going back to Gig Harbor, We will get underway around 0900-1000 hrs.

We thank Olympia, and the Swantown Marina, we enjoyed our stay here. 1005 hrs. we got underway for Gig Harbor. It is cloudy and misting,  after about an hour, the sun is trying to come out. 

We arrived at Gig harbor at 1315hrs. We had a little push with the current,

at times we were going 16.2 kts. going through the Tacoma Narrows. When we were going though the depth meter showed 5.8 ft.

the P-520 draws 4.8 ft.  Not a problem.  Chuck met us at the dock,

and gave Jerry a ride back to Olympia so that he could drive Willi’s car back to gig Harbor. 

Willi is still at work.

Everyone just took it easy this afternoon. 

Tony went with the tug boat “JOE” to help them move some docks.

Jerry cooked Dinner for Bud, Chicken and rice,

and for Joe, Don, He cooked Taco’s. We watched the small boats cruise thru the harbor as the sun set.

Sunday 26 June 2005  We got up this morning to find the clouds moved in, gray day.

Joe cooked pancakes and bacon for breakfast. After we ate Jerry went and did some laundry,

Tony worked on putting  some valves in the fuel tanks so that we can see how much fuel we have.

Bud is reading, really he is. (inside joke).  

Joe started cleaning the decks below, Jerry started cooking at about 1400 hrs.
He made an blueberry pie, a pork roast, green beans, and French bread. Cooked for  4 hours and only took 10minutes to eat. But it was GOOD.

 Blueberry Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream for desert.  Tony, Jerry, and Don worked on placing stickers with the web site on the brochures. We have thousands to do.

But it is raining and nothing else to do.

 Monday 27 June 2005 -  It rained all night and is still raining.
Joe is cooking scrambled eggs with blueberry bagels. Today we are just hanging out again.

The Tacoma Tall Ship organizers are expecting about one million people for this event.  The tall ships were in Victoria, Canada this weekend.  Where they were mobbed with people. We’ll see how this is going to play out. We know that we can get 450 people on and off the boat in a day. They want us to double that.  I don’t know how to speed things up that much. We will do what we can do. Don, started putting on the web site stickers, Jerry and Tony weaved on the rescue net. Bud is still taking it easy. Joe, ran into town and then came back to help Don with the stickers.  At 1530 Jerry started making Tuna and noodle casserole. We ate dinner at 1730 which is early for us. 

It was a very nice day to just take it easy.  It rained until about noon.  Chuck Fowler came to check on us at about 1300, he helped Don with the sticker project for a while. That’s about it for today.

Tuesday 28 June 2005  We got up around 0600, had coffee preparing to get underway for Pt. Defiance Park and Boathouse.

Every one is putting on their uniform, At 0745 we got underway for Pt. Defiance, arriving at 0830. We cleaned up the boat and started giving tours at 1000hrs. Kurt is better and back aboard.

Chuck went to the airport and picked him up. We had lots of guests, many drove quite a distance to come see the P-520. Chuck Fowler had a high school friend Bill Clagett from Denver Fly out just to help us for the day. We had one guest tell us he was on an 85 in Panama. He said that was in 1958.
He sure had a smile on his face when he was getting off the boat.

He said “Boy, does that bring back memories”. His wife said “ He’ll be talking about this the rest of the day and then some.” We had 203 guests aboard today. Chuck Fowler fell this morning while putting up the Flags around the area.

His leg was very black and blue and swollen,  I told him that he need to go to the doctor, he did and it was worst than he first thought, but it is not broken, but will limit him some. 

Looked very bad to me. 

We went to get fuel after the tours today and drained all the fuel that the fuel dock had, they will get some more tonight and we will have to go back in the morning. After fueling we went to dinner at Anthony’s Homeport Pt. Defiance. It was very good.

Nice to eat out once in a while.

Wednesday 29 June - 2005 Got up and had coffee. About 0800 the fuel dock guy came and informed us that he was ready for us. We fired up the engines and went over and began to fuel.  We took another 426.8 gals.  for a total of 1625.5 gals. We have traveled 1520 miles since we left Long Beach, and 820 miles since we last fueled, so we are still getting about 2 gals. to the mile. We returned to the dock and got ready for the days events, which include the mini reunion of Crash Rescue Boater’s that were stationed at the Tacoma Boat House. There were about 30 people attending this event. Tony and Kurt stayed aboard the P-520 and gave the tours. The rest of the crew was back aboard at about 1130,

we had a couple guys that were stationed on crash boats that live in the area and had read about us being here in the newspaper and just had to come down to see the boat.  Herb Ward from the 621st Air Sea Rescue brought some pictures of the boats he was on. (I will get them scanned, and post them). The men that served on the boats get that special smile on their face like “I was on one of these boats”.  Some brought their kids, (in there fifties) to see what the boat was like that their dad was on in the war. We ended the day's tours at 1600. We had 151 guests aboard today. 

Kurt is cooking lasagna for dinner.

The day was very warm and sunny.
It is very hot inside the boat. At 1845, we had a nice dinner sitting in the cockpit under the canopy. We watched all the boats going everywhere. Lots of activity. At 2015 we noticed that the outside temperature started cooling down. We have three fans inside the boat trying to cool it down. 
That is it for today.

Tony noticed a small sheen coming out of our overboard discharge, from our bilge pump. We start looking around and found that we lost about 200 gals of fuel into the bilge.  We call Foss and they came with a vacuum truck and pumped the fuel out that took until 0245 this morning.


Thursday 30 June 2005  Well, this morning we had coffee and put up the dress flags and cleaned the fuel smell from the boat. Today is the big day.  This is what we came up here for.  I hope it goes well. We got underway at about 1045 and headed toward Quartermaster harbor which is where the tall ships were anchored last night. 

We arrived and fell into to our assigned position. We were the # 4 boat. The Sequence is:

#1   R. Tucker Thompson, which came from New Zealand    

 #2   CG83527

#3    Virginia V

#4    P-520

#5    Lavengro

#6    Lynx

#7    Bounty of Krister

#8    N. Star of Herschel island

#9    Yankee Clipper

#10   Kia Ora

#11   Rejoice

#12   Resolute

#13   Thea Foss

#14   Red Jacket

#15   Lady Washington

#16   Petra

#17   Odyssey

#18   Zodiacs

#19   Suva

#20   Amazing Grace

#21   Bill of Rights

#22   Cuauhtemoc

#23   Tolofa

#24   Charles N. Curtis

#25   Pallada

#26   Trilogy

 The fleet was about half an hour late starting due to the R. Tucker Thompson was late getting her passengers aboard, she then had to make her way to the front of the fleet. There were hundreds of spectator boats of every size and deception. The organizing committee  had great intensions of making a lane for the parade, but in application it just did not work out as planed.  But it went  as it went. We crossed from Vashion Island to Commencement Bay. Then down the shore to the Foss Water Way. There was hundreds of thousands of people along the shorelind and even in the higher hills and buildings. It is hard to express the sights and sounds of this event. 

Horns ,cannons, and cheers form the boats and shore. At times we were doing about a ½ knot, and others we were doing 6.5 kts. At the end of the parade about 5 of the sailing ships got into a sailing duel They broke ranks and were having a great time.

At the end of the parade the Indian First Nation came out in their canoes and gave selected ships a welcoming ceremony and gift. We then headed to our assigned moorage. We had some guests aboard many crews from other ships in the event. At 1800 we went to the crew dinner, it was salad and spaghetti. They had a stage for the  band.

Which all during dinner all they did was tune up. We came back to the boat after dinner. It is a festive atmosphere.  At sundown cannons went off,

a bag piper was piping. And that is about it for today.  It was a great day. We really enjoyed this event.

 Friday 1 July 2005  Bud and Jerry Got up at 0430 as Bud is going home to the Doctor. 

He is still not feeling well. Chuck Fowler’s leg is not doing very good either, he went back to the doctor’s last night. At about 0700 Joe and Don got up and had coffee and we talked about the big crowds that we expect today. And how we are going to do the tours.

We started tours at 0900. We had 658 guests aboard today. Jerry went to lunch with the other Captains.
Kurt and Keith went and got pizza at about 1400hrs. We closed off the tours at 1700. We went to the crew dinner place at 1800. We were back at the boat at 1900.

Very hard day we went to bed .

Saturday July 2 2005  Keith arrived at about 0700, We had coffee and donuts.

The whole crew then cleaned the boat getting ready for another day of tours. We will open at 1000, We had 316 guests today we closed the gates at 1300. We will get underway for Lake Union at about 1400 hrs. We had a very nice cruise to the Ballard Locks, Kurt and I were the only ones aboard that have ever went through any locks.

It went very smooth, we were put into the small locks, which we only have about three or four feet of room on the breath of the boat and about 28-30 feet in back of us, then they put in two other boats that filled the lock up.  It took us about 6 mins. To be raised the 12 feet to the lake level. We had a few hundred people watching us going through the locks. We arrived Center for Wood Boats at 1900. We had to wait until 2000 hrs. until the CG-83527 arrived before we could moor.  We went to dinner at 2000 hrs. We got back to the boat at 2200hrs. And then to bed. We had a very long day.

Sunday July 3 2005  We got up this morning to find the sun out full and hot we had coffee. Then went to the breakfast at the Pewter Pig Pub (the eating tent) at the Wooden Boat Festival. At 0900 We came back to the boat were the Harbor Master and his crew had us turn the boat around so that we are tied up on the port side, they are building us a gangway. 

We dressed the ship, got shore power and some time soon we will start giving tours. They got the ramp done about 1200 hrs. After about a half an hour the ramp started to break. We had the Harbor Master come back down and fix it.  We had 291 guests aboard and stopped tours at 1600 hrs. It is very warm inside and outside the boat. There are lots of very nice old wooden boats here at this show. Sail, Steam, and Power, as well as Rowing. It is a very Festive atmosphere here, They have sea chantey singers, knot tiers, boat builder, bronze casters and many food stands.


Monday 4 July 2005   HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! Another sunny day here in Lake Union, Seattle. Had coffee and talked about the people of Seattle. Different is all we can say.  Not interested in the facts about the boat. They just wanted to get on, see it and get off and go to the next boat.  So, Today we are going to do dock side info. If somebody has an interest in the boat, We will then invite them aboard, other wise they can look at it from the dock. We have the boat dressed with the signal flags as well as the Union Jack, and National Ensign. The P-520 looks great. We had a Veteran of WWII aboard he was stationed in Guam, were he had 7 - 85’s and 8 – 63’s . His name is Jim Thompson, He is from Seattle. And has great stories of his wartime adventures. By us closing the tour to the general public today, We were able to have quality guests, people that were either on the crashboats or had family on the boats. This afternoon Chuck Flower called and informed us that Bill Somers passed away today, 
He had fallen and broke his hip and during surgery he had heart failure.  We are sad about this, but we are also happy that he was able to come to the P-520 and share in it’s rebirth.

We had lots of guest that came for the fireworks, Jozie from Tacoma, Michelle one of Jerry’s deckhands when he was running the little cruise ship in Alaska. Her husband Blaine and son Blaine Jr.,  Don Lashua and his wife Myrna. We had hamburgers, Hot dogs, macaroni salad along with home made cream puffs. (Michelle brought) watermelon.  The fireworks started about 1030 and ran for about 45 mins. It was a spectacular show. Lake Union was full of boats (every size and dicreption) anchored. The shore line was full of people.  Fireworks were going off everywhere.  It was very cool.


Tuesday 5 June 2005  We got up this morning and washed the boat off with the fire hose. There was ashes all over the boat. At about 0900 Chuck Fowler showed up (his leg is doing much better).  We had a small going away ceremony, Chuck presented us with a plaque from The Propeller Club Of the United States, Port of Tacoma, for participating in the Tall Ships Festival. We had a tribute to Bud Tretter and Family for making the P-520 a reality. And each man and woman that was at this event said a little bit about what this trip and boat has meant to them. After the event we had refreshment and food. When we got back to the boat we had a few people that wanted to see the boat so…. We gave a few more tours.  We then got underway and found a holding tank pumpout station a the fuel dock (They charged us $20.00 to pump out.)  I have never heard of charging for this. But we paid. We then went to Lake Washington and cruised by Bill Gates home & other lake side properties. We got back from our cruise, Kurt, Jerry, Don, and Joe went to dinner. Tony went off on his own.

We are having freshwater problems. The pumps check valve is not working and Willi has picked up the new one and will be here later in the evening to help Jerry install it. Joe and Don are playing cards like most every evening.


Wednesday 6 July 2005 Joe and Jerry had coffee at about 0700, Don came about a half an hour later. Jerry and Joe worked on the fresh water in the galley. Got it working about 0900. Joe and Kurt went to the grocery store, Tony took off. Jerry went in search of a high speed internet connection. 

Don stayed with the boat. It is Cloudy and windy today, but no rain, it is warm. Every body just took it easy and got the boat ready for sea. Kurt cooked a meatloaf with mashed potatoes for dinner. Willi showed up around 1700, and then left about 1900. most of us went to bed around 2100 or so.

 Thursday 7 July 2005  We got up around 0430 had coffee and got underway at 0530, We went though the Ballard Locks at 0630. We are headed for Port Angeles,

There is a small front coming up the coast, with southerly winds. The plan is to stay in PA tonight then go out to Neha Bay. By Saturday the winds and seas should calm down. 1200 arrived Port Angeles and moored at the City Pier (they have 5 slpis). Willi’s Mom, Sandy is coming down to see us. Willi will be here later in the afternoon. Tony is in town doing laundry. Don and Joe playing cards Kurt polishing brass. Jerry is fixing galley bilge pump. 1800 hrs. Kurt, Don, and Joe went to dinner in town.  1900 hrs.Tony went to dinner with Michelle and her husband. Jerry waited for Willi. 1930 hrs. Kurt, Don, and Joe came back to the boat. 2030 Willi showed up, went to dinner.  Jerry got back to the boat around 2230 hrs. and the boat was dark. 

Friday 8 July 2005  It is cool and cloudy, Started raining Jerry Joe, Kurt and Don went to do their laundry. Willi’s Mom Sandy is letting them use her car while she is at work.  We then went to Wal-Mart. Got back to the boat around 1130 hrs. Tony was not at the boat when we got back but showed up as Jerry went to pickup Sandy at her work. Right now the weather looks like we may have to stay in Port Angeles until Sunday. Big seas out on the coast. 7-10 ft. with winds to 25 kts. out of the south. Just hanging out on the boat watching it rain.

Jerry went to dinner with Willi’s mom, Sandy.  Kurt, Don, and Joe went to town for dinner. Tony did what Tony did, hit the town. 

Saturday 9 July 2005 We got up this morning to Sunny sky’s, and no wind. By 1000 hrs. it started to get cloudy again.

Jerry checked the weather out on the coast, by computer, and found that tomorrow should be very nice. We will get underway this afternoon bound for Neha Bay. This is 10 miles inside the Straits of Juan de Fuca. Tomorrow we will get up and get underway early bound for Westport, WA. We will not be able to use cell phones or the computer tonight. So we will be out of touch until we get to Westport. We were underway at 1200 hrs. it was a very nice day. The temperature was in the low to mid 60’s and partly cloudy. We did go through a rain shower. But late in the afternoon the sun is out and it is very pleasant. We arrived Neha Bay at 1745 and anchored out in the bay. Kurt is making Stew for dinner.
Jerry Made French bread

to go with it. We all enjoyed it very much.

Sunday 10 July 2005  We got up around 0500 hrs. made coffee and got underway. Even before we had a cup of coffee. It was a very pleasant day seas were running about 5 ft. out of the west. Partly cloudy, great sun rise!!!  We ran into rain and low visibility about 2 hrs out of west port. It quit raining as we pulled in to moor. We moored at 1600 hrs.  Kurt ran off to the kite shop
and to check on "Cowboy Bobs".  (Great place for Steaks). Lots of people came down to the dock to see the boat. Came back to the boat around 2000 hrs. 

It rained very hard during the night.

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