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Saturday 11 June 2005 - Got up and had coffee,

We are going to an air show at Paine Field.

But it is raining and we do not know if they will fly in this weather.
Don Lashua, and Clark Green is going to stay with the boat and give the tours while we are away. When we got back, Don Lashu, and his sons Brett, Bart, and Jim left and will meet up with us down the line. 

Tony, Willi, Kurt, and Jerry gave tours until 1600 hrs. Then Willi and Jerry got to work on the fuel system. We changed all the fuel filters.

We must have gotten some bad gas somewhere. 

Willi made his world famous pizza for dinner. Rained all day, at sunset the sun came out, we saw a big rainbow.

 We had 76 guests aboard today for the tours.


Sunday 12 June 2005 - We had to send Kurt home to see the Doctor.

He was not getting any better and after a month of being sick, and not getting better, we thought he should go home. He had to get the shuttle at 0430.  We g
ot up this morning and it was not raining, it is cloudy, and a little warmer than yesterday. Willi is making breakfast of biscuits and gravy.Today we are going to Bainbridge Island, Eagle Harbor. We were underway at 1100 on our way we cruised through Shilsho Marina,

and the water front of Seattle. Arrived Eagle harbor at 1500.

Chuck Fowler meet us at the dock.
(I know, I know, its a drawbridge)
While Tony, Willi, and Jerry tried to figure out fuel problems, the rest of the crew talked to people on the dock and on boats that came by.  After we figured out the fuel problem, Willi went home for a few days...
he had to go back to the real world of working...he will be back on Wednesday.

Joe started cooking Spaghetti for dinner. After dinner we just sat around outside and watch the world go by.

Very nice evening. 

Chuck Fowler went home,

and Clark Green stayed aboard for the night. 
Tony dropped a line in the water and after a while he caught a little shark,(YEA, YEA, YEA, WE KNOW.  IT GOT AWAY)  
It was the same kind that I caught in Port Townsend.  That is about it for today.




Monday 13 June 2005 - We had breakfast of eggs and sausage, with toast.  Cleaning the boat getting ready for more tours today.

It rained pretty hard during the night but today is windy, sunny, but it is  chilly, maybe high 50’s.

We have a reception at 1400 with the City and Bainbridge Island Historical Society. Chuck Fowler and Jerry went to Costco. While the rest of the guys gave tours of the boat.
busy, busy.

At about 1430 we went to the reception. We came back and gave more tours of the boat. We had a total of 54 people today. Jerry Cooked Chili and Corn bread for dinner. (Sorry, don't have a picture of that meal guys)Chuck Fowler stayed for dinner and Clark Green is still aboard with us. Very nice evening here in Eagle harbor. the winds that we had all day quit, and it is very pleasant. It was very nice not having to work on the boat today....

Everything is working.....yeah!......Let's hope it stays that way for awhile.


Tuesday 14 June 2005  We got up around 0700 had coffee.

Jerry checked our route to Bremerton then to Gig Harbor.  Our Stop in Bremerton will only be about 2 hrs. We will go aboard the Destroyer USS TURNER JOY (DD951)  for a quick tour, then off to Gig harbor.
 Well... it wasn’t just a quick tour, it took us about 2 ½ hours to go through the ship.

It was like a bunch of kids in a candy store.  We really enjoyed ourselves there.

We got underway and cruised the moth ball fleet, where there was at least 10 or more submarines,

three aircraft carriers and more.  We really enjoyed our cruise there. 
We arrived Gig Harbor at about 1530 with an escort.

Chuck Fowler came out on the Tug boat, “Joe”,  to take pictures of us underway.  We pulled in to the dock and had about 20 people waiting for us. Bill Somers, WWII Skipper P-524, met us and made his way to the bridge where he told us stories of his time on the P-524.

After everyone went home, we went out to dinner. Got back to the boat around 2030,

just in
time to strike the colors and go to bed.


  Wednesday 15 June 2005 - We got up and had coffee.  At 1030 there was an informal (But, it was some what formal) reception honoring WWII
P-524 Skipper, Bill Somers.

There was about 40 people at the reception. Chuck Fowler talked for awhile , then it was Bill Somers turn to tell his stories, then Bud’s told about how he got involved with the P-520, and how it was that he ended up with the restoration of the P-520.  Jerry talked about how he got involved with the project.  Jerry presented Bill Somers with a crashboat pin.  After the reception everyone came down to the boat for tours.  

In the afternoon Jerry, Don, and Joe did laundry and Bud and Tony gave tours to people that came by. We had 45 guests aboard today. we sent Joe out to the tavern (Tides) for cheeseburgers and fries,

came back with no fries.
But he tried. It is no difference here than anywhere else in the country. It was a very nice and warm day no rain and plenty of sun.  Great Day!


Thursday 16 June 2005  Joe got up and made the coffee.  Jerry started the generator ( it has a bad starter, and is very hard to get started)  Joe made breakfast of scrambled eggs and pancakes.



   We got underway to Tacoma at 0900 and had a 9-1/2 mile cruise to the Dock Street marina where we arrived at 10:00. We were met here by Chuck Fowler and the Marina manager Skip, and his assistant Josie. Afterwards Bud, Don, and Joe went to town with Chuck. Tony and Jerry stayed with the boat.The guys were gone for a couple hours.

They went to an Indian Casino. The guys did not have a smile on their face when they got back. Better Luck next time.
Tony and Jerry gave a few tours of the boat while they were gone.  Chuck has been bringing people from the Air Force Public Affairs Assn. Reunion down to the boat for tours.

  At 1600 we went to the Sheraton Hotel for a reception for the Air Force Public Affairs Assn. We returned to the boat at 1830 gave a few tours. We went to dinner at Johnny’s Dockside, very nice place over looking the waterfront, and the boat.  While having dinner we noticed the Fireboat pulled in along side of the P-520.  We saw that the dockmaster Skip was talking to them, so we called him only to find out they wanted a tour. 

After dinner we went back to the boat and it started to rain hard all night long. 
Bud, was sick all night. 

Could it be the fish dinner?

 Friday 17 June 2005 - We got up this morning to find the sun out and big puffy clouds. 

Bud still isn’t felling very good.  Chuck Fowler showed up a little after 0800, we were underway for Olympia at 0900.
Had a great cruise.

The current was with us and we made great time.  Arrived in Olympia at 1245. We had a few people on the dock helping us with the mooring lines.  Bud still isn’t feeling good.  Maybe he should go to the Doctor. More on that later.


Saturday 18 June 2005  We got up this morning and had coffee.

 Joe is cleaning the galley, throwing out stale rolls and such.  Jerry called Arvilla and told her about Bud and will call her with an update as we get it. Today it's sunny but with clouds all around us.  We are going to the Gathering of Warbirds this afternoon, should be fun. Don Lausha, and Chuck Fowler will give the tours of the boat while we are gone. 

There is an article in the newspaper about the P-520. (go to the Links page to view)  At 0930 Jerry went to see Bud at the hospital. 

He is resting uncomfortably, but they are taking good care of him.

  Jerry got back and the whole crew was giving tours as fast as possible……BIG TURN OUT HERE IN OLYMPIA.  We had 405 guests aboard today between 1000 and 1630 hrs. 

The Crew was very tired, Joes jaws are sore, Don’s legs are trembling, and all the crew is very tired. And all need a good dinner…We will go to out to night. Jerry went to the hospital to visit Bud,

He is still in a lot of pain, The Doctor said that he will try to get Bud out of the hospital by the time the Tall Ship Parade comes about.

Bud may go home if it is going to take that much time. We’ll know more tomorrow after he has some more test and CT scans.  We went to dinner at Anthony’s Homeport Olympia. Had a very good dinner, we talked about the days events and all agreed that it was a very demanding day, but we all enjoyed it. 

We got back to the boat at 2130 and hit the hay.

Get Well Dad!

Sunday 19 June 2005  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY from the crew of the P-520. Got up this morning and boy was it foggy. We are looking foward to another big tours days. As much as we would like to go to the airshow, we don't feel there is much of a chance that we can go because of the big crowds here at the P-520.  We will see. Joe got up this morning and took off with some people he knows here in Olympia, Jerry is going to see Bud at the hospital. 

Tony and Don will hold down the fort.

At 1000 hrs. we opened the doors for another great day of boat tours and history lessons. We had 449 guests aboard today. Whew! Things went smoother today. We have a good system, and it seems to be working.

  The day turned out to be very warm and sunny.  We closed the doors at about 1630 hrs. Jerry got good news from Bud’s doctor, that maybe in a couple days Bud should be feeling better and should be returning back to the boat. Willi and Jerry are going to go see Bud at the hospital, then come back to take the crew out for Mexican food.

The mayor of Olympia and his wife came to the boat this afternoon  and gave us a pin of Olympia. very nice!!  Bud was doing better this evening. He is still in pain, but was in better sprits.
It is very hard work to get as many people through the boat as we have been.  But it is fun.  We were all in bed by 2200 hrs. Oh, we did not make it to the air show today either.  We really want to go but everyone was needed here today.

This weekend we had some real war hero's aboard, from all branch's of the services, from WWII to the present. It was a very uplifting experance.


Monday 20 June 2005   The sun was out when we got up this morning.

We had coffee and enjoyed the morning.

The crew slept in this morning.

We cleaned the boat up a little, as we are having the “Save the PT Boat” guys from Portland aboard to go for a boat ride at 1130.We had 12 guest aboard from the PT-658, and Edwin and Barbara Keyt from the Crashboat Assn. We got underway at 1140 and cruised the Budd inlet, which is the waterway in front of Olympia.

We returned to the dock at 1330, and droped everyone off. We got back underway to move the P-520 to the Swantown marina.

Jerry, Tony, and Don then went to lunch at Anthony’s homeport Olympia with the people from the PT-658.

While we were having lunch,

Chuck Fowler went home to check on our package, (the starter motor for the Generator). Joe went out with his friends from this area. Chuck came back with the starter.  Yea, we can shut the generator down. 

After lunch Chuck, Don, and Jerry went to visit Bud at the hospital. He seems to be alittle bit better today. But he is still in pain and is in La La land with the drugs they are giving him for the pain. 

At 1830 Willi came back with his car.

Jerry will drive him to the train station this evening so that he can go back to work.
No sign of Joe, He must be having fun with his friends.


Tuesday 21 June 2005 

We got up this morning and the sun was out with blue skies, and few clouds.  We had coffee. Jerry went to see Bud at the hospital, nothing new there, he is about the same. Tony replaced the generator starter motor, and now it starts just fine.  YEA !!!!

Joe was giving haircuts today, Don and Ray (Joe’s Buddy).
At about 1230 we went to the Olympia Flight Museum. We had our own private tour

everyone enjoyed this very much.

(Sorry it's going down-it's the only one I could find!)

Retired Colonel U.S.A.F. Ted Bullock a P-51 fighter pilot with three German kills was our tour guide, very interesting. Don and Jerry went to see Bud at the hospital this evening.

 Joe went to a Masonic Lodge meeting with his friend Ray.
Tony was not aboard when Jerry and Don got back from the hospital.

We had some big thunder and lighting today, and some periods of rain. 
It looks like it should rain tonight.


Wednesday 22 June 2005  We got up early this morning to find it is cloudy, it did not rain during the night.  Jerry is going to see Bud at the hospital at 0730. Bud is doing much better today, he is getting real food and is in much better sprits today. What a difference a day makes. We went to Bill Somers Maritime Museum at 0900. He has his own private museum, which everyone says it is the best they ever been in.  It was AWSOME, he has quite the collection, from ships wheels to running lights, models, pictures and paintings. you just have to see it to believe it.  It is on his families wine vineyard.

Which was the first vineyard in the state of Washington. We got back from the museum at 1230.

Jerry and Tony went looking for engine oil. Came back with most of it. Willi changed the oil and filters in the Port main engine.

We BBQ hamburgers for dinner. Jerry, and Willi  went to see Bud at the hospital, Bud says that he is coming back to the boat tomorrow. Boy, what a scare that was….  Jerry came back to the boat and Willi went back to work. Joe was giving tours to a couple guys went Jerry got back at 2100.


Thursday 23 June 2005  We got up and had coffee, watched the scull boats come back from there morning row.

At about 0815 Bud called and asked to be picked up from the Hospital.  He walked out like nothing was ever wrong with him. 

After we picked him up, we came back and cooked breakfast,
Scrambled eggs, and toast. Joe went for a run,

Tony worked on the boat, some painting, and installing valves in the fuel tanks so that we can stick the tanks to see how much fuel we have on board. 

Jerry cleaned up the BBQ. Don, helped Bud snooze. Ha ha ha.  Chuck, came by with a book of information on the Tall Ship Festival, for Jerry to read.

At 1400 hrs., Tony invited 15 Olympia Harbor Patrol/Police Department aboard for a tour, they were out training for the day and had tied up at the dock next to the P-520. It is a beautiful afternoon here sunny and somewhat warm, with a cool slight brezze.

Joe and Don went to Joe’s buddy’s home for dinner.

Tony, Jerry,  and Bud stayed aboard and had Chicken and rice for dinner. Jerry made a chocolate pie.  Joe and Don made it home just in time for the pie.


 (check out Trip Log Page III for more fun and adventure)

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