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1800 May 12, 2005 Departed Long Beach bound for Bodega Bay...the crew was having a very nice evening.  Buckets of KFC for dinner.

At 0010 May, Friday The Thirteenth, Kurt was doing an engine room check and found the starboard V-drive was very hot...it was found that the oil pump was not working...We head to Channel Island Harbor for repairs.  Pulled in to an empty sport fish dock at 0145.  Called Thor to get spare V-drives and pump.  He brought two of them.  Had to rebuild the pump and by 0730 we were under way again. We rounded point Conception with about 4-5 foot seas.  By the time we were at Point Arguello.  We had about 6-8 foot seas. At 1822 we were taking blue water over the bow and we decided to make a right turn and head for shore (Avila Beach) was our destination.

Saturday, May 14, 2005 we had quite the mess to clean up.  We were taking on some water in the engine room.  Tony went into the water to see if he could find the source of the leak on the outside of the hull.  He reported that a plank was hanging down.  He and Kurt went into town and rented some dive gear.  As well as a trip to Home Depot to get some needed supplies.  Joe, Don and Jerry worked on getting the anchor chain untangled.  We worked on the problem all day.  Tony and Kurt came back and Tony went into the water and found a small crack in the bottom.  He fixed it with some epoxy.  Still taking on water.  We stopped work and had dinner. Steak and Potatoes.  Called it a night at 2200.

Sunday, May 15, 2005 - Had pancakes for breakfast. Worked on anchor chain again.  We got the chain unraveled late in the afternoon.  Had spaghetti for dinner. Waiting for the weather to get better...water maker not working.

Monday, May 16, 2005 - Checked on the weather...not looking good...maybe in late week it will get better...crew just playing around on deck.  Kurt flying a kite.  Going to have tacos for dinner. 

Moved boat closer to shore to see if we can get better reception for the computer. 

At the head of the pier is the SLOYC they called us on the radio to see about the boat. 

The YC was the rescue station during the war and the commodor was stationed there during the war.  We told him that this boat was stationed here for a time during the war.  They invited us for a hosted dinner on our way back in July.

Tuesday, May 17th - Just worked around the boat, cleaning and still trying to find the leak. Called Cyndee to see if we could get my phone to work as a modem for the computer. 
We had hamburgers for dinner.  After dinner Jerry looked over the side of the boat and saw some kind of snake or big worm swimming (it was about 3 feet long and maybe an inch around), told everybody to come see it.  Tony was the last to come over and it was gone by then so no pictures of it but we talked about snake stories all evening.

Went to bed...not very much happening today.  The guys back at the Yard are putting together another water maker for us.

Wednesday, May 18th - Kurt made cinnamon rolls for breakfast...Very Good!!! 

Tony and I worked on getting all the water out of the boat.  Kurt and Joe went a shore. Don and Bud stayed on the boat.  The guys at the Yard have all the parts for the water maker and are putting it together.  They are bringing us a lot of other things that we need also.  We are having spaghetti for dinner.

Thursday, May 19th - We had to send Bud home to the doctor today.

  He has been sick for 6 days and wasn't getting any better.  It looks like the weather isn't getting any better either.  Just looked at swell models and for the next week it doesn't get much smaller that 9-10 foot swells.  We will get going as soon as we can.  Joe and Don are getting restless and want to move to another port soon. The guys from the boat yard should be here tomorrow and fix the water maker.  Good thing, we don't have much left!

Friday, May 20 - Woke up to fog (less than 1/4 mile visibility), bigger swell, waves breaking over the breakwall.  Had coffee and started engines.  Got under way at 0820.  Headed for the fish pier.  Took on fresh water and returned back to anchorage by 1100.  Don, Joe and Jerry went ashore with the intentions of going to Solvang (Dutch Bakeries), we needed to rent a car to do so.  Called Enterprise car rental but they would not bring a car to Avila Beach for us so we hung out here in Avila and had lunch at the Customs House restaurant.  Very Good Food.  Then we walked the main street for a while, sat and watched the wind blow.  The main street was full of people as they were having a street fair and farmers market.  All in all, a very good day in port.  Went back to boat to check on weather...still not looking good thru next Tuesday.  Talked to Bud, he went to the doctor, he has a virus, he gave him some antibiotics and another appointment on Tuesday.  He will catch up with us after he gets well.  The water maker saga isn't getting any better. 

The guys sent the motor and pump into get checked out, while it was there in the shop they lost the seal that goes between the motor and the pump (GREAT!). It now looks like we are going to get a new water maker (slightly used) but still fairly new.  It was installed in a boat but turned out to be too small for them.  They traded it for a bigger model, so we are getting a good deal on it and it will still be under warranty.  We will be getting it on Monday.  Then all we need is better weather. Thats all for now.
Saturday, May 21st - It was very windy last night, wind whistling in the rigging.  At 0900 Kurt and Joe took all the dirty laundry ashore to find a laundrymat. 

Tony, Don and Jerry stayed on the boat.  Later, Jerry and Tony went ashore to send pictures to Cyndee to put on the website.  Stopped by SLYC, they have invited us to a potluck BBQ tomorrow. Sounds like a good time. 

They are very interested in the P-520.  Kurt and Joe came back around 1430.  Yeah! We have clean clothes again.  Kurt has been collecting things that float by from the beach. 

So far he has two inflatable beach balls and a boogie board.  We are having baked chicken for dinner.

Sunday, May 22nd - Another beautiful day here at Avila Beach.  Joe went running, Don went walking, Kurt went shopping at Walmart and Tony went to the beach. Jerry stayed with the boat.  In the afternoon Joe, Kurt and Jerry went to the yacht club. Tony was already there and Don stayed with the boat. At the yacht club we ate, drank and had a good time. 

Everybody is very interested in the P-520.  The local paper may do an article on us this coming week. 

As we were coming back to the boat we noticed Don was flying a kite in the afternoon wind.  It has been very hot & humid this weekend.

Monday, May 23rd - Jeff left Long Beach around 0500 and arrived about 0930.

  We got up and had coffee, started the engines at about 0830 and went to the fish pier.  Tony and Kurt washed the boat, and filled the water tanks.  We unloaded all the supplies and parts from Jeff's van.  Kurt is out in Jeff's van getting gas for the outboard (they want $4.50 a gal here).  He is also going to Home Depot to pick up a few more parts.  Today is a little cooler than it has been, the wind is blowing out of the east at about 5-7 kts. and visibility is about 2-3 miles.  It wants to be foggy but just isn't getting to the shore.  Still, big seas and white caps. At 1200 we left the pier and went back out to the anchorage. 

Joe and Don belted the 50 cal.machine gun bullets and reboxed them.  Joe said, "We're ready to shoot those commie bastards".  By 1400 we were making 25 gals of fresh water and hour. 

We're having home made enchiladas and salad.  Jeff got done and headed home at 2030 hrs.  Long day for him and he still has a four hour drive.   We thank him very much!

Tuesday, May 24th - We had coffee

and started to work getting the boat ready for sea as it looks good to go for tomorrow.  Seas dropping but will still have dense fog.
(this is what radar is for). 

We will just play it by ear as far as any stops.  We want to run as far as possible.  1200 hrs. we just had the local NBC TV station aboard.  They conducted an interview with Joe and myself (Jerry) about the boat. 

Can hardly live with Joe now (he thinks he's a big TV celebrity).  It will air tonight between 1700 and 1800 hrs.  1715 hrs watched NBC KSBY Channel 6.  We got very good air time (3-4 minutes). Even some live shots from the beach.  We have it on VHS tape.  VERY COOL!!!  Having pizza tonight.

Wednesday, May 25th - 0530 pulled up anchor and departed Avila Beach. 

Wednesday 25, May 2005 - We got up around 0430  had breakfast, started the engines and were underway about 0530.  Seas running about 5-7 Ft. at about 11 seconds, but no wind. We were off San Francisco at 1930, still no wind or seas to talk about. 

The day brought many sights, Whales, Porpoise, Sea Lions, all in abundance. We are talking about just running 24 hrs a day to make up some time. Don came on watch just in time to run us right through the entire Monterey fishing fleet. Big fun!!!

Ship traffic is quite heave, ships coming and leaving SF. Ran all night, past Bodaga Bay. Heavy fog but calm seas. 

Thursday 26,May 2005 - Heavy fog most of the day,  passed a few boats but could not see them. 
The after noon brought sunny skies and winds from the south. Still very nice.  Pulled into Crescent City at 1945.  Will take on fuel and some supplies in the morning. Kurt and Joe, went to the store and I am looking for a place to use the computer online.

Our neighbor Steve from the boat MADELINE gave me a ride into town and looked up the guys at the store, they did not need my help shopping, so, Steve and I went looking for a place for me to get on line….right across from the store was a coffee place that had wireless internet…..sent our daily log in and checked the weather for the next few days….it looks like we will have nothing but great sailing all the way up to Puget Sound.

Friday 27, May 2005 - 0600 underway for fuel dock,   Paid Harbor Master for our night stay. Fuel dock attendant showed up and started fueling  took on 1400 gals.   Underway at 0749, We saw some pilot whales just outside of Crescent City. Seas running at about 3 feet, overcast, but good visibility. Winds from the south at around 3-5 kts.  VERY NICE!!

Had a good breakfast  of scrambled eggs, sausage paddies, and toast. In the afternoon the winds increased to 10-12 kts. From the south…..Who of you prayed for calm winds and following seas….(Thank You, who ever it was). We are pulling into Coos bay around 1830 tonight....cleaned up ourselfs and going out for dinner at
the Portside… We all had the buffet, and it was very good, lots of choices. 

We had to send Kurt to the Doctor, he has what ever Bud had and doesn’t feel very good, he cannot talk. Has a bad cough. Joe went with him in the taxi.  Tony, Don, and Jerry came back to the boat.   At 2200 we had a very big Lighting Storm,

It rained very hard, we even got hail.  It was very cool.  Kurt and Joe got back from the Hospital at about 2330, they said he has tonsillitis.

Saturday 28 May 2005   it rained early this morning. And the sky is very dark. Kurt had to go get his prescriptions filled at Wal-Mart. 

They did not open until 0900.  Joe and Kurt got back around 1030 and we were underway at 1045. There is a big squall to the south of us as we headed out to sea on course to Newport, OR.  We still have following seas and light winds from the south. 

There is a lot of fishing boats out here. I think they are fishing for salmon. It is overcast but the sun shines through every now and then.  A very nice day at sea.

There are zillions of small gelly fish (they are sort of clear, they are on the surface and have a little sail).  Kurt is painting the cleats and life lines. 

Don is snoozing,
Joe is manning the wheel

  Tony is helping Joe.
At 1500 we are abeam Heceta Head,

We will donate the 40 year old head to Heceta.  1600 started making Pizza dough for dinner. 

Pulled into Newport at 1745. A crowd of people on the dock looking at the boat.  One guy just read the Sea magazine article and was very amazed to see the boat here..  2010 Pizza ready and so are we. We had people onboard for tours until 2230.


Sunday 29 May 2005  Up at 0445 got coffee going, and underway at 0530.  Kurt made Biscuits and gravy with sausage for breakfast…..VERY GOOD!!!!!  Cloudy and cool this morning.  Seas at about 6-7 ft. out of the NW, wind still out of the south at 5-8 kts.  Still a great ride.  

Joe is chasing a little bird around the deck trying to get a picture. We have been asked to include some engine info…..Here it is.....We run at 1600RPM , which pushes us along at 11.5 to 12 kts.  We are burning about
2 gallons a mile.
 That is with the generator running also. If any of you want an other info just let us know.
Crossed the mouth of the Columbia River around 1200. Seas a little confused at about 7ft from the NW wind from the south at 10kts.  About 10 miles north of the Columbia River the seas calmed down a little. Pulled into Grays Harbor Marina at 1840, Chuck Fowler met us and brought some good eats.

At about 1930  Harry Sperling and his wife showed up and brought us a full meal, (Baked Ham, Maccorni and Cheese, rolls, salad, cooked crab, oysters, and more)  everybody really enjoyed……we visited after dinner and at 2030 Harry and Chuck departed for home….


Monday 30 May 2005 - Joe got up at 0415  and went to the local donut shop only to find out  that they did not open until 0530  we made coffee and had hot donuts before getting underway.  Wind coming out of the NW at 10-12 kts. in the harbor.  The weather report for the rest of the week only gets worse. We will go out and see what happens. We got out of the channel and made the turn north, we had 7-9 ft seas from the NW and 10-15 kts. wind from the WNW.  It was a little rough for most of the day. Forward bilge alarm going off most of the day.  Pumps clogged with saw dust, trying to get
them clean.
We arrived in Neha Bay at 1550 anchored on the west side of the bay.  The Coast Guard came out and cruised by (just looking). 

Then the local tribe came out in their dugout canoe

(11 people of all ages). They wanted to see the big gray boat. Don’t call their canoe a boat (like I did)  they take offense at that.  We are BBQ’n burger for dinner. 

We are very happy to be out of the big ocean and into the Straits of Juan de Fuca.  The wind is blowing at about 15 kts. here, it is also very cold.  The boat is still taking on some water, we are pumping with extra pumps. 

Still do not know where it is coming from,  cannot see under the fuel tank compartment.

Every place we go people are very interested in looking at the P-520.
2230  bilge alarm going off again in engine room this time.  Pumped it dowm went back to bed,  at 0030 alarm going off again, this time inspected it better and found that the automatic float swith was not working,  rewired it and pumped the bilge again. This time it worked the rest of the night.  Rained all night.


Tuesday 31 May 2005 - Up at 0600 making coffee, getting ready to get underway. 0700 underway for Port Townsend.  Bud is going to Fly in to SeaTac this morning.


Chuck Fowler is picking him up and taking him to Port Townsend to meet us…  It will be good to have him back aboard. After getting underway Kurt cook breakfast of scrambled eggs , hash brown potatoes, and ham.  Very good…. It is nice to be in the Straits.  No ocean swell. 

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005 - Happy Anniversary to Maxine from Don and the P-520 crew!  

    Everyone Sleeping in this morning. 

Kurt hasn’t gotten any better, He went to the doctors again. 

We went through our Coast Guard COI inspection.  We did not have any problem getting it.

Our inspector Jeff Kingrey was impressed with the P-520. 
We changed oil in the Starboard main engine, it has fuel contamination and we were only getting about 20 lbs. Pressure on it.

At 1445 we got underway for Roche Harbor on San Juan Island. 

We arrived there at 1945. We all got cleaned up and went to dinner at the McMillin’s Dining Room at the Hotel do Haro (you can go to www.rocheharbor.com and get a live picture of the harbor, click on island cam).  We plan to be here until maybe Friday.


Thursday 2 June 2005  Had world famous Roche Harbor donuts with coffee this morning. 
Started on working on the boat this morning,

Joe and Tony washed the decks and cabin with soap and water, Don did his laundry and then manned the bilge pump in the galley area. And Jerry was in the engine room.
Bud was giving tours.

We had the local Coast Guard and the Boarder Patrol. They enjoyed the tour. Bud, Kurt, and Jerry went to the café for a hamburger.  Joe did laundry in the afternoon. We went back to McMillin’s Dinning Room for Prime rib dinner….they have grated horseradish from Oregon, ( it has a sweet taste to it and is very good).  We came back to the boat and called it a night.


Friday 3 June 2005  coffee and donuts for breakfast, talking to people on the dock.
We are going to take the bus into Friday harbor, (the big city on San Juan Island),  today for a day of leisure.

Sight seeing and lunch.   Went to Bella Luna’s for lunch. We got back to the boat and everyone took a well deserved nap. Gave some tours of the boat, and just took it easy today.

We have to get off the dock in the morning so we are going to Orcas Island, we will have to anchor there.

 Saturday 4 June 2005  It is Kurt’s Birthday…Happy Birthday Kurt!!!!!! Kurt cooked us breakfast of Biscuits and gravy ….very good,  great smells in the boat…. Made everybody hungry!!!!!!
We got underway at 0817 cruised by Spieden Island were we saw a Bald Eagle sitting on a big rock, and many animals (deer like
) some with big horns many different species.

We cruised east thru North Pass between Reef  Island and McConnel Island, then passing Shaw island and into East Sound on Orcas Island. We tied up to the fuel dock at Rosario which is a resort. Built in 1905. It took 5 years to build and 1.5 million dollars. That is 1905 dollars.  It is a 5 story building, the owner was a shipbuilder in Seattle. Built the USS Nebraska in 1902. He had his shipwrights and machinists come to Orcas Island and build his home (Rosario).  Very impressive. Great workmanship. We had lunch there, over looking the bay.  After lunch we walked back to the boat
(still tied to the fuel dock).
Gave a few tours to some of the local people.

Jerry started baking a Apple Pie for Kurt’s  birthday. 

Then cooked Pork Loin, corn and mashed potatoes for dinner.  After dinner we sang “Happy Birthday” to Kurt. We ate the Pie with Ice cream. Then Kurt opened cards and gifts. It was a very good day!!!!!! We will stay tied to the fuel dock all night.


Sunday 5 June 2005  First thing in the morning tried to start generator. Starter would not engage, it would spin but not engage.

So Jerry worked for an hour and got it to work, we will see what happens tomorrow.  Bud, Jerry, Joe, and Don Had pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

Tony and Kurt slept through it. 

At about 0900 we got underway and cruised Eastsound for Orcas Island then cruised to Friday Harbor. We anchored at about 1230, Kurt, Joe, and Tony launched the raft and went ashore. Don, Jerry, and Bud stayed aboard and took a nap. We are anchored off the Seattle Yacht Club Friday Harbor Outpost. They do not have receptacles at their outpost stations.  We had a good night anchored at the south end of the harbor.


Monday 6 June 2005  We got up this morning and Joe made us Amereican (French) Toast and Spam…..very good.  Jerry went ashore and talked to the marine department about getting on the dock in the marina.. (Jerry used to work with the Assistant Harbor Master’s Father when he work for Hornblower Dinning Yachts. She wasn’t there, but the guys in the office were very helpful and interested in the boat, they let us tie up at the marina…..very nice of them.  Tony, had a terrible night. 

He was sick all night.

This morning we sent him to the Doctor. 
More later on that subject….

We are giving some tours of the boat.

It is sunny and starting to get warm. 

We are cleaning up the boat getting ready for the big show in Port Townsend on Wednesday.

  Painting and Cleaning and stowing gear that we won’t need for awhile.

Tony got back from doctor, he has the flu, but will be fine in a day or so. 
Joe gave Jerry and Kurt a hair cut on the aft deck.

Don and Jerry made up some new mooring lines.  Kurt cleaned the grass off the water line and derusted the starboard side hull. 
Bud gave tours. (again)

Joe touched up the paint in the galley.   Jerry and Joe made Pizza for Dinner…We used the bread maker to make the dough for the pizza.


Tuesday 7 June 2005  - Today, we will move the boat to Port Townsend, the dock will available after noon for us.  We will get underway at 1200 for Port Townsend. We have cloud cover, it is not raining but looks like it should.

We arrived Port Townsend at about 1500. We pull in Point Hudson Marina and pumped out the holding tanks.

We then shifted over to the Northwest Maritime Center float.  Clark Green, and Don 
Lashua came aboard, later Chuck Fowler, and DanWithers (he has the 1940, Coast Guard Cutter 83527) www.warboats.org . We had hot dogs, and baked beans for dinner.

Don Lashu, Chuck Flower and Dan Withers went home.
And Clark spent the night with us.


Wednesday 8 June 2005. - Changed oil in the generator this morning.

We have a visitor at about 0700. We have a small piece in the local paper about us being here in Port Townsend.

  So, The show starts.

We made all the bunks up and stowed the personal items.
(same picture applies to both)

  It rained during the night and is still misting.
Chuck Flower came this morning. As did Jack Sutphen.

Bud and Don went up to a local café to get a bite to
eat. Joe and Don did their laundry at the marina next to us.

The building was a nurses barracks during the war.  We had a very leasurely day, 

gave a few tours.

Talked to people on the dock and just
had a good day, it rained most of the day. Late in the day it quit raining and the sun came out for a while. 

We had hamburgers for dinner made by Joe. We had a good view of Mount Rainier at sunset. Call it a day at about 2100.  We are ready for the public tomorrow. 


Thursday 9 June 2005   Well,  the day has arrived. Our first official showing of the P-520.  We had breakfast of pancakes and sausage, along with orange juice and coffee.

We have a tent at the head of the gang way to pass out the broachers

and sell Crashboat pins and hats.
The sun is out and you can see for many a miles.


  At 1000 we opened the door and people came trickling down to the boat. Chuck was manning the tent, where we were sell pins and hats, drawings, books, and other crashboat items. The rest of us were manning the boat giving tours, Great fun!!!   We had 98 people come through the boat. Lots of stories, we had good sales at our booth.

We closed he tours at about 2130 hrs. It was a very good

Tony put out a fishing line, he went ashore for a bit and Jerry and Kurt noticed the pole wiggling, Jerry reeled it in to find a little shark about 2 ft. long one the end of it.  The rest of the crew came out to see it, Jerry gave the pole to Joe and went to get the camera, but before we could get a good picture it got off the hook.

(likely story)

Thats 2 now that have gotten away.
Maybe if you try fishing in an

you would have better LUCK!


 We enjoyed your Town.


Friday 10 June 2005  -  We will leave Port Townsend and head to Everett, which is about 35 miles away.  We will get underway at 0800 and arrive Everett at about 1130.

More later........


Now is Later - We got underway at 0956, after we had some trouble starting the generator. 

The battery just would not start.  We sent Kurt and Tony to buy a new one.  About a half an hour after we got underway the main engines started to drop RPM’s.

  Jerry, Tony and Kurt changed the fuel filter’s and the engine started running good again.  We arrived Everett at 1355. We had quite the reception on the dock.

Our new engineer, Willi, an

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