Take A Virtual Trip Back to the Future on the P-520!

18 August 2005  We finally hauled the P-520 out of the water today, after 5 attempts. We had problems getting the cradle right.  We even had to have Tony go into the water to do some blocking. But , She is out  and we found one of the leaks (the one under the galley and skippers quarters).

  The cotton caulking came out between the seems along the keel.  All and all the bottom looks very good considering what we put her through.

  We are cleaning the bottom with a high pressure water blaster, to get the salt and growth off the bottom. We will  then recaulk the seems and paint the bottom. 

We will also have to draw both propeller shafts to replace the rubber hose that holds the seal around the shaft (it keeps the water out from around the shaft where it comes through the boat).

22 August 2005  We have Dennis caulking the open seams. Most of the seams that are open are located along the keel area ( there was a patch were sometime in the past somebody has scafted an area along the keel) We cannot get to the inside of the boat in this area, with out tearing up the entire galley and skippers quarters. So we are doing the best we can with what we have to work with. We also have Dooley drawing the shafts to replace the section of rubber hose for the shaft seal.

 26 August 2005  While removing the blocks to paint under them, We found that we had landed one of the blocks on a scoop for the portside head intake thru hull.  This caused the plank to break between the frames.  We will have to  remove that plank and replace it.  Just another day at a boat yard.   This will add a few more days out of the water.

31 August 2005  We launched the P-520 back into the water,  it is weeping alittle water as the wood has to swell.  We are happy with the amount of water that is coming in.  (Not very much)  We will take a look at it in a few days.  But for now it looks good.


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