At A and A Performance, We let loose the BOOST!




Derrell bought his car online, drove it away and before he made it home, the engine blew. It was not his first high performance car, he's had a few. But it was his first turbo car and at that time didn't fully understand how complicated they could be. But he's got it now. The GN came with lots of go fast parts such as ATR headers and exhaust, stock location strech intercooler, and PT.63 turbo. But since we had the engine already out, it was time to upgrade the internals. First we started with a new crank that we picked up from our friend Randy at Alexander Automotive in Monticello MS. Then new rods and pistons from Odel Cantrell, a set of A&A ported iron heads, A&A custom cam, a new Translator and MAF from Full Throttle Speed, a set of 50lb inj, Turbo Tweak chip, and a SMC meth kit and a new Easton front mount intercooler. Once we put it all together and got it running (for the first time in 6 months sence the day he bought it), alot of the new problems started showing up. Some were the very old double pumper in tank fuel pump was going away. So that had to be fixed before we could really turn up the boost. We got that fixed and the tranny gave up. With a new tranny, and all the bugs worked out, he is racking up on the kills at the local strip in town! Even with the 20" tires and wheels.




Ouch!! This is the out come of to much boost and a failing fuel pump. Buick guys call this "driving over the crankshaft".

Derrell removed the unsafe Factory GM Power Master brake set up and replaced it with the more reliable GM hydra boost system. With the new system, he can foot break up to 10psi... or until the front u-joint comes out!! Which ever comes first! It's a must to have beefy drivetrain parts when making power with turbos.


Back out again for freshening up


Derrels had been a struggle at times, but it is one of the nicest GN's I have worked on. We took it from a bare block at 12 noon, and had it running at 2am that morning, Just in time for the show the next day.



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