Cancer  - fighting the battle from inside out                 
 Anyone who is dealing with a chronic condition knows first hand that their
condition is a very individualized experience. With this in mind, their therapy
should also be a very individualized experience.

Due to the number of request we have had for "at home service" we are now providing our
clients with this service.
Often after chemo or radiation clients do not feel up to coming into the office for their therapy sessions.


If you are reading this page, chances are you or a love one is dealing with cancer.

Your immune system needs help to fight this disease and Thermotherapy can help!
If you are taking chemo or radiation, Thermotherapy can boost your
immune function, build Natural Killer cells, reduce stress and pain,
make chemo and/or radiation work more effectively and decrease
the negative side effects. This is a at home program.

Everything you need to improve your health will be sent to your
front door, with direction and information to help you help YOURSELF!

Of Thermotherapy if you are on chemo or radiation.

Keep in mind that cancer cells are extremely heat sensitive and can not survive
in an alkaline environment. Thermotherapy can provide many good benefits
to the human body in many ways.



Thermotherapy (Hyperthermia) does not require drugs, radiation burns, or surgery.
Thermotherapy does no harm to the human body or immune system.

Thermotherapy enhances the immune function, and assists other (natural or conventional) therapies in being more effective. It aides in the reduction of
pain and discomfort from conventional therapy.

Quote: Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D., Ph.D.
Thermotherapy -
weakens/kills cancer cells.

Thermotherapy can be used along with chemo and/or radiation.

During your sessions you will be laying on a Far-Infrared Mat, in a relaxed environment.
Wear comfortable clothes on the day of your session. 


Let's be honest, chemo drugs & radiation are poison to any living thing. When Medical

doctors mention the "C" word it strikes fear into the hearts of many and out of fear that person

will blindly do whatever the medical doctor tells them.


Make no mistake about Cancer, it is considered and industry and you are considered a 

  "$$$,$$$.$$." There will be thousands of dollars spent by you or your insurance (if they pay)

on your poison and suffering.  In the USA the model for treating cancer has not changed in 45 years.

There is no doubt when you get this diagnosis, your doctor will say Chemo, Radiation

and/or surgery.  This is the American why $$$.

1. Chemotherapy

2. Radiation

3. Surgery


In Japan Thermotherapy is successfully used as the first medical treatment for cancer
because it weakens cancer cells, enhances the immune system and does not damage any
organs in your body.





Client resting peaceful during her Thermotherapy session for liver condition.


This is Your health, do all that You can to improve it without harming it!


If you are undergoing chemo or radiation therapy most insurance companies will

reimburse your cost for the thermotherapy mat.


Thermotherapy enhances the immune fuctions, weakens cancer cells, improves circulation

aides with pain relief, helps the body heal it's self.









Chemotherapy can cause fatigue, mouth sores, poor absorption of food, diarrhea,

suppression of bone marrow, increased infections, malnutrition, lose of appetite, and secondary cancer
hair loss, skin issues, are just a few of this poisons side effects.


Treatment induced malabsorption is fairly common following chemotherapy and radiation
and can result in severe malnutrition. Malnutrition in cancer patients, especially while undergoing

chemo or radiation therapy, greatly increases the risk of complications and death.


Radiation damage to healthy skin, healthy cells and organs can have long terrm harsh effects.


Thermotherapy (Hypertermia) can be used with or without radiation or chemo, in the USA

Thermotherapy is used along with chemo/radiation. The amount of chemo/radiation should be reduced

when using Thermotherapy. Your doctor may not agree to reduce your chemo or radiation unless you 

force the issue. They believe their way is the only way.






Nakamachi Garden Clinic Director

Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D., Ph.D.



More and more medical institutions are performing immunotherapy as a fourth

cancer treatment option. It is a therapy that focuses on improving the function of

macrophages and Natural Killer(NK), cells to make them fight the cancer cells.


Therapy methods vary significantly from one person to the next; they range

from mushroom extracts to marine plant extracts. Many ‘cancer refugees’ are

taking various supplement products because they do not know which ones may

be beneficial to fighting their disease.


In addition, activated lymphocyte therapy that strengthens lymphocytes in vitro

and then involves injecting them back into the body has some promise. However,

since a great deal of time and expense are required to cure cancer based solely

on these treatments, these options may not be a definite answer for cancer treatments.


 What is the fourth medicine, Thermotherapy?

Western medicine has played a key role in the treatment of cancer up until now.

The three standard cancer treatments are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

However, these three treatments do not cure cancer completely. Surgery is only able

to remove visible cancer but cannot remove cancer at a cellular level. Chemotherapy

and radiation not only attack cancer cells but normal cells as well. Therefore, it is

 very difficult to completely remove cancer from our body.

Complementary Medicine / Integrated Therapy are treatment options that compensate

for the disadvantages of these three standard cancer treatments. They are being

recognized as an alternative treatment plan when Western medicine is no longer effective.


If patients ask (onocologist) for alternative treatments, there doctors say, “I cannot be responsible for

those treatments. Go to other hospitals if you really want to proceed with alternative treatments.” That is how ‘cancer refugees’ are made.


There are a lot of cases in which doctors perform ineffective

chemotherapy on patients and compromise the patients’ quality of life because they only acknowledge the three standard cancer treatments. Their lack of knowledge of other treatment options is the reason that ‘cancer refugees’ are made.


In addition, since cancer cells are vulnerable to heat, thermotherapy can both kill cancer cells and improve the body’s immune system, achieving a dual effect.


During the process, we discovered a medical device called the“Biomat” (Thermotherapy

 that has been certified  by the USFDA. It combines the thermopower of Amethyst and

Tourmaline to naturally improve the therapeutic power. There are no negative side

effects and anyone can improve their autonomic nervous system by 100% and feel the

difference starting from the day they use it.


The truth about cancer treatment

In order to decrease the rate of cancer deaths, improvements in lifestyle, early diagnosis

 and early treatment are extremely important. However, what should we do if we actually

 have cancer? No one can stop themselves from panicking when they are diagnosed with

cancer.  If it is an early-stage cancer, it may be cured with a simple endoscopic surgery.

 However, the problem starts when the cancer has metastasized into the

lymph nodes and abnormalities. If the cancer constantly recurs, even after surgeries and

chemotherapy, there may be a significant problem.


At this stage, it may be impossible to cure cancer completely. If we treat cancer with

chemotherapy in order to “cure” the cancer, we will end up killing more immune

cells in our body and decreasing the quality of life of our patients. It may even result

 in earlier deaths than expected. In addition, when chemotherapy does not work, the

hospital will end up saying that they have tried their best but there is nothing else

they can do. They will end up giving up on the patients and asking patients to spend

their last days with their families. That is how ‘cancer refugees’ are created.


However, are there no treatment options at this stage of cancer?


Doctors who perform Integrated and Supplementary treatments will say that this is

the time to start the real fight. They are the ones who lend their hands to those who

are diagnosed with “end stage cancer”. There are so many alternative treatment options

that even doctors have a difficult time in making decisions. In desperation, many

patients try out different things to cure their diseases.


We will not die of cancer if they do not grow!

With that stated, how can we not die of cancer? The key is in “inhibiting the growth

 of cancer cells” and “providing enough nutrition”.

Around 3,000 to 6,000 cancer cells are created each day in healthy people. Even though

these cancer cells are made, the immune cells inhibit the growth of cancer cells and prevent

tumor masses from growing within our body. Many health products promote their product

as an “immune system amplifier”. However, unless a person’s immune system is compromised, everyone has an immune system that can fight off cancer. If there is a normal immune system, it can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

In order for our immune system to remain intact, we need to

improve our lifestyles and reduce stress. Everyone can reduce

their psychological and physical stress by modifying their


The next part has to do with nutritional support. However,

there is one thing that has to be kept in mind.


Cancer cells highly favor glucose, especially processed glucose.


When cancer patients are injected with high-levels of glucose,

the cancer cells will grow rapidly. Supplying cancer patients

with a great deal of nutrition at once will result in the rapid

growth of cancer.


There are many oncologists who cannot provide integrated treatment to their patients.

This is the biggest difference between cancer treatments in the USA/EU and those in Japan.

The treatment effects of hyperthermia (thermotherapy)  are well known in Japan by research

done by professors at the Sugawara Kyoto University.


Thermotherapy will allow not only chemotherapy and

radiation, but also other cancer treatments to be more

effective with minimal side effects.

Thermotherapy is required in order to change the body into a

curative state. That is why I strongly believe that thermotherapy

should be considered as the fourth medicine in the

treatment of cancer.


It is well known that cancer cells are heat-sensitive. That is why Thermotherapy

that heats up the body from the outside is very effective.


According to Professor Abo, our immune functions are improved by 40% when

we increase our body temperature by 1 degree. We will be able to fight off a

large portion of cancer with this effect alone. Natural forces like immune

 functions are very important in the course of cancer treatment and will have

a significant effect on the treatment outcomes.




Without proper nutrition during this trying period your body can not fight this battle,

Without proper nutrition your shattered immune system can not fight this battle. 
Without proper detoxification of this toxic condition your body can not fight this battle.

Without proper cell oxygenation your cells can not fight back.


Proper supplementation, Bio-nutrition, oxygenation & detoxification are imperative at this
time in your life. Your entire system is on toxic overload trying to cope with

 this disease and it needs all the help it can get.


Cancer is a multi-therapy disease.

You must attack it with multiple therapies.





Program : Includes Thermotherapy Mat,  supplements, formulas,
immune enhancement, . Your body needs to have multiple therapies to improve your health!







Optional: Wholefood Nutrients are not covered because they are delivered to your door from their

main office. 







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