Dr. Charisse Barksdale, D.Sc., DNM., graduate of Yamuni Institute of Healing Arts.
  Holds Credentials in Natural Medicine (Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Herbalist,    
  Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Bionutrition,
  Specializing in Natural Alternative Therapies for Chronic health ailments &   Bioenergetic Medicine. 

Faculty & clinical instructor with Yamuni Institute. Hypnotherapist / Instructor of Hypnotherapy. Practicing Natural / AlternativeTherapy since1990.  Trained by Dr. Michael Newton, in the art of Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. 


                I have used Thermotherapy (hyperthermia) to help the cancer clients that come to our office. Most of those clients where also enduring chemo and/or radiation. Thermotherapy has a multifunction; it enhances the immune system, weakens cancer cells, aides with pain relief, improves circulation, reduces anxiety, detoxes the body and aides other therapies (chemo/rad) to be more effective, these are just a few of the benefits of Thermotherapy. There are effective alternative therapies to assist your body in the battle against this condition. YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS, YOU DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE THE HEALTH AND HEALING PROCESS THAT FEELS RIGHT TO YOU (WITHOUT FEAR).

               In the USA there is an abundance of cancer. Cancer has taken on a life of it's very own, the "cancer industry". In this industry billions of dollars are made because of YOUR health issues. Yet, it seems no one in this industry is looking at correcting the cause of cancer. In this industry they are only looking for more drugs for treatment of cancer and more money to be made. Cancer does not just happen! Your internal environment has to be able to allow this disease to occur. Your internal environment is where your treatments should start. Correcting the underlying issues that allowed this disease to occur.

Cancer has multiple negative actions on the human body. It will make your body extremely acidic, it will cause toxic overload of your kidney's, liver and adrenals. Those of you who are on chemo or
radiation this increases the toxic burden on your body 10 fold. If you have cancer it means your immune system has been compromised and MUST be enhanced. Your immune system is a major player in fighting this battle, coventional therapy destroys what is left of your immune system.

If you are dealing with cancer and having conventional treatments, do all that YOU can do to stop the damaging side effects of your conventional treatments.    

                From the privacy of your own home you will be able to improve YOUR health and healing process. INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH!                  

There is a light at the end of your tunnel.




  Dr. Linda Edge, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

           Specializing in "Life's Challenges".

 Adults and Couples counseling
In-Network Provider for Optima, Tricare, Cigna, and Medicare

Day, Evening and Weekend Appointments Available
Helping YOU, Help YOURSELF!
Dr. Edge offers skills and insights gained through her studies in Clinical and Transpersonal Psychology. She providers a deeper, more positive approach to
understanding your issues.
She offers Holistic Psychological Services (Mind, Body and Spirit, approach to healing).  
Assisting you with:
Healing Limiting Beliefs
Overcoming Obstacles
Releasing the Past
Improving Communications
Self Doubts
Feeling Powerless
For Appointments: 757.271.3101
  Often the simplest remedy, is the best remedy.


Good Health does not mean absence of disease... it means being in balance!

                Most of our clients have already been diagnosed by a allopathic doctor and have decided they want a more natural form of therapy. Others come in because they want to maintain their good health or counteract the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Then there are those that come in because they need to talk and have someone listen and hear their words.

                      We believe that natural health care modalities work synergistically with the human body. The non-invasive treatments work quickly without trauma to the client or the organs of the body. As a child I experienced a number of situations where my body rejected the conventional medicine I was being treated with, or the side effects were too harsh for me to endure. As an adult, my system is still very sensitive to synthetic / conventional drugs. There had to be a more sane way of treatment than making me sicker than I already was! There are times when conventional medicine is required and there are natural solutions to diminish or stop the side effects. Often the natural form of therapy is the only form required to sustain optimal health.

          The human body is very much like a car, it must have maintenance to run at optimal performance. This maintenance comes in many forms. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, exercise, meditation, stress relief, herbal formulas, homeopaths, and a healthy outlook on life all play a part in your health. If you have an illness it is because there is a "symptom seeking an outlet of some sort" and conventional medicine gives all symptoms a name, a category and drugs. The symptoms are all that conventional medicine focuses on, with no regards to the cause of the symptoms, the root of where this illness began. Conventional medicine does have its place in the healing and life-saving arena, but it also has the horrid side effects and allergic reactions and the medication you must take to stop the first medication from destroying your liver, kidney, stomach, your health. What a vicious cycle! Maybe one day conventional medicine will allow natural health practitioners to work along side them.

    Your Immune system plays an enormous role in your health and healing process. Your emotional state does affect your immune system. A weakened Immune system can leave you prey to dis-ease. Many people take supplements to improve their health or maintain their health. If you are taking supplements and they are low quality, you are defeating the purpose. If you are taking the wrong amount of a supplement, you are defeating the purpose. If you are taking the wrong supplements, this is defeating also. If you are not dealing with emotional issues this to will defeat the purpose.

                       The human body has nutritional requirements that must be maintained for optimal health. It is impossible for a human being in the 21st century to eat enough food to supply the proper nutrients the body needs. Nutritional supplementation is a very important part of your good health practice. The human body was created to move... exercise is also a very important part of living.                

Being healthy is a mental, physical and emotional way of life.




(757) 575.6186

Virginia Beach, VA


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