The Taylors, Nags Head, NC

How Taylor Made Got Its Name


He wanted to name our Corolla house “Comfortably Numb,” (a Pink Floyd tune from the 80s for those of you too young to remember).  She wanted to name the house anything BUT that!  She feared it would give the wrong impression in the rental book and had the potential for attracting, um, interesting guests.  (“It’s a sign, man!”)  So, the Taylors had a house naming contest, with the prize being a week at the beach house.  Entries included:



Chapter 13

Cliff's Edge

Cuckoo's Nest

Curry's Choice

Debno Sevoire (Second Mortgage)

Denny Crane


End of the Rainbow

Hammocks Heaven

Sangria & Sandtraps

Seize the Rent

727 Heaven

Shibumi Shores
Slice of Life

The Other Side

Tyvek House

Wild Meridian


In the end, “Taylor Made” was an entry both Taylors could agree upon.  Unfortunately, to placate Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Taylor had to promise to name the next dog “Pink Floyd.”  Well, the moment of truth finally arrived in April 2006, thanks to Westie Rescue.  Presenting...



Pink and Floyd!!!
(Sad to report that only Floyd with us now. RIP, Pink. The band won't be the same without you.)

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