Welcome to Tanglewood Farm

                                                               Strays In The Garden

                   Twice a day they come my way

  because they somehow know

That I will give them food and drink,                                  

            and they are free to go.

Some linger in my garden

    because they have no home


And they rest among the flowers                                               

   where there's no need to roam.

 They are the walking wounded

    these homeless cats I feed.                                              

And somehow they seem to trust me

   to meet their daily need.

And how much like these strays we come

  To seek our daily bread

in a world filled with strangers

    who care not if we're fed.

For the Master gives us food and drink

   because he loves us so,

  As we linger in His garden

  with nowhere else to go.

       by Clay Harrison















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