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Thank you to Miss Colleen (owner of Equine Kneads LLC) for being the amazing teacher that you are! And for sharing your beautiful fur babies with us and allowing us to practice on them.  I will remember this past week for the rest of my life and so incredibly blessed to have met you all!!

Amazing lady with a beautiful heart of gold...a gorgeous farm and 4 of the coolest horse buddies I've ever met! Totally wonderful experience! So excited to apply m new found knowledge in making our friends feel better!

Love my experience with Equine Kneads Colleen McDonald . She is an amazing instructor who truly cares about all of her animal friends. Jae has melted the wall I had around my heart after losing my boy years ago. I can't thank both of you enough for the blessing of your beautiful spirits. Sending love and hugs. I would recommend Colleen's program to anyone and everyone.

I cannot believe how much my horse improved after 1 session of a massage....thank you for your tips on my saddle placement and girth suggestions



I learned more in 1 day at your Advanced Skills Class than 11 years of riding lessons! I cannot believe it...Thank you!

The Equine Kneads certification program was amazing.  And I owe this to Colleen.  She is incredibly warm, kind, and brilliant. Colleen is absolutely dedicated to understanding the whole horse- not just structure or behavior, but the why behind every aspect of the internal, emotional, and physical.  She is an endless resource of information and experience, which means that working with her gives you the opportunity to learn and explore as deeply as you desire.  Her passionate commitment to the well-being and holistic health of the horse creates the environment and tools for us to become the best care-givers we can be.  I think the equine world is blessed to have her, and I am excited to have learned from the best. Thank-you Colleen!!!

Here's from a lady who had her OTTB Massage! - "I just got done riding he was awesome! He was so soft in my hand and moving out nicely. Thank u again:-)"

This class was just amazing! I'm sad to leave and cannot believe how much I have learned in such a short time!

"I cannot believe how much I learned in such a short time, I had no idea there was this much...and I DID IT!!"....Thank you SOOOO much

"I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful learning experience!  You have opened my mind and many doors for me...I can't thank you enough!
I have my first massage this week!
I am feeling a little lost now without the class.....I really enjoyed it"

"Thank you for taking such great care of my horse!  You are a trusted and integral part of his 'team' "


"I said to my husband leaving your home 'Colleen is one of those people you meet and know she was put here on earth for a reason, God has a purpose for her, she lives here calling everyday!

(not to get all sappy on you but you really inspire me with all you do)


 Every time I would ask for a canter, he would drop his head until he was almost stepping on his chin....he moved fine in the pasture...
I have gone thru 2 saddles.....3 pads......switched farriers.....
An Equine Massage Therapist came out & worked on him....

The next day I was amazed at his appearance....his neck & shoulder are not sore..he's carrying himself on his hind end

I rode and he actually CANTERED...I did not push him....(I had to double check to make sure he was my horse..lol...)
He did not drop his head.....he did not pull up short
Thank you for his spa day"

"Thank you so much, I often think I enjoy this more than the horses.  For almost 50 years I have been looking at these wonderful creatures but never the way I see them now.  Everyone of them is so much different than the one before.

"I really enjoyed the class....
Interesting thought...
I had received a call from a good friend on the drive home (she is sick with cancer and not doing well) I was feeling pretty 'funky' I decided to visit my crazy rescue pony and do a little work on him, he did great (never saw him yawn before today) but I found myself also relaxing & really quieting down with my thoughts"

Thank you for I received the information you sent.  I also wanted to share with you that I rode Tucker yesterday.  It was only a brief walk, but it was a mile for me.  He is the first Standardbred that I've gotten on there.  I had a fall a number of years back and have been reserved ever since.  Every week I come and see him coming out of his shell. He has a girlfriend (his special mare) and he is very vocal about being near her.  He has a large personality!  He trusted me when I introduced him to new items, and that was huge for me!  He gets so nervous about being confined and i can see that his entire body quivers.  It is a miracle, that given his abuse, he is so kind and trusting to us. 
 I can't help but look at him with amazement that this equine soul would not be with us had it not been for your compassion.  It's a miracle because he would have been dead.  Thank you

"my horse is SOOOO relaxed every since his massage!---he is falling asleep on cross ties ... did he get some special potion?....lol....THANK YOU
"ever since I learned how to massage my horse, our rides have been so much better......I cannot believe how we have connected"
"my horse REALLY likes the massage......I never felt those knots in his neck.....when I rode he completely stretched his 'new neck' and is now picking up his correct leads & bending"
"time stands goes so quickly when I massage......seeing the horses feel better has been the most rewarding experience....THANK YOU!"
This is from an Equine Kneads participant who received feedback from her client 
"They said that he actually was walking better (and playing) and that his personality was better (they said that he was usually crabby   -   ;) , how funny!)"
 "ever since you massaged my boarders horse, he is much more trusting and easier to work around...you really helped us make a break thru,,,thanks!"

"Thank you for a wonderful class and giving me this great opportunity to help my own horse and others....... I picked up my first client on my way home from graduation.......the cards (business) look great, they really suited me"

"just watching her stretch her neck and enjoy the massage...makes ALL of my hard work to keep her worth it...she is such a good girl and works so hard for me...this is the least I can do"

 "I cannot believe how much I am learning about my horse....I have had him for 12 years and never knew so much about him...this is incredible!..."

"Thank you again for today!  Your generosity & investment in me is appreciated. I value that you have extended yourself as a mentor and wish to, in any way, participate in any volunteer efforts you put together"

"Thank you again for your great instruction, guidance & support! I really enjoyed the course (I can't believe I finally did this)...." I massaged my horses and received some great feedback particularly on his neck area....great yawns, neck stretched out & down..



I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for everything.  I really learned a great deal and working with Jazzy, Kidd, and Baby Sunny was great! They are all so sweet (oh, and I can’t forget Missy Minday)........ This has truly been a gift for the soul.


for the first time in 2.5 years since we have had Joey (an off the track Thoroughbred) he never crossed tied till Danielle gave him a massage, then to give the real test I massaged him before the farrier came out today, he cross tied today and did not put up a fight!.....I guess he is realizing good things can happen on cross ties

Hope you are doing well-God Bless you for saving the horses-I felt guilty I didn't have another one shipped home--'I knew when my girl finally came home everything would be OK...I cannot thank you enough"Again I want to thank you--I am forever grateful----Keep in touch-


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