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 Slaughter is NOT humane euthanasia.  "The captive bolt is not a proper instrument for the slaughter of equids, these animals regain consciousness 30 seconds after being struck, they are fully aware they are being vivisected." -Dr. Lester Friedlander, DVM & former Chief USDA Inspector




This page is dedicated to all of the horses Equine Kneads

helped give a second chance to and are forever known as

"Angels of Equine Kneads"

How it began

The first 'official' rescue mission took place in September, 2001 when a trip was made to the auction for a 'night out'

Not realizing what would be seen until that evening.

It was learned that many horses were in the Kill Pen and would be on their way to slaughter.

After walking around the pens and seeing the faces of these animals, something had to be done.

That night changed my view on horses and how they are disrespected and discarded. Many of these horses were family pets, taught children how to ride, raced, were amazing show horses who won numerous ribbons/trophies and here they were....being run thru shoots and tied up to pipe fencing waiting for their day to be slaughtered after several days in a trailer.

I started making phone calls and went the next day.

Two were saved

First was my horse "My Gifted Choir" a/k/a Jazz. "Gift" is his new gift on life and "Choir" is everyone who helped & inspired me to save him.

Second was a pinto pony who was later named Tommy Two Tone.  By the time we arrived at the auction another dealer had him; with much pursuing, I was able to convince the dealer to meet at a diner parking lot so I could pick him up for Mylestone!  Susankelly from Mylestone Equine Rescue (www.mylestone.org ) saved Tommy! (he is currently available for adoption and Mylestone always welcomes sponsors!)


Third was a 3 year old bay mare who was later named "Simply Irristable" a/k/a Bridget! Fred from Sunny Fields Farm in Tewksbury Twp. saved Bridget! After lots of TLC, Bridget has proven herself in the Show Ring!



Here are their stories:

Another success story!
Thank you to everyone who joined again as a team to help the horses

Equine Kneads was contacted about several horses needing help in the Kill Pen again
Trailering & help is always available for these horses from EK
A phone call was received on Saturday May 24th (Memorial Day Weekend)
that another horse needed to be saved
MANY phone calls were made and someone agreed to take this horse.
EK immediately started the 'journey' to the auction which is at least 1.5 hour drive
Upon arrival, I saw this beautiful  Arabian Mare! It was later learned that she is a very well bred Registered Arabian.
EK transported her to North Jersey (close to the NY border) and delivered her
to a temporary home. She will then be picked up by her new loving owner during the week!
Here is her picture!

more info can be found on www.nj-horse.com

Thank you to her new owner, Terry and Valerie for keeping her for a few nights!

While at the auction, there was a sweet VERY old mare in the Kill Pen.
She obviously had at least 1 foal and appeared to be a Quarter Horse
She was completely gray on her face and had one 'cloudy' eye..
Her estimated age was 25-30
MANY emails & phone calls were made and the thru the help of
www.nj-horse.com   (of course:)
She is a permanent resident of Helping Hearts Rescue
If you know anyone interested in sponsoring her, please contact


Pictures of her in a new home!!!
(also the horse next to her was rescued also:)


Rest in Peace Penny
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge December 11, 2009


Equine Kneads learned  there was a horse living in a garage in South Jersey and was going to be brought to the Auction with a possible destination being the slaughterhouse.

After lots of support from www.nj-horse.com , phone calls & research, the previous owner and the barn where the horse was boarded prior was contacted.

The lady "Ellen" was able to provide information about the horse and offered to meet us at the auction to try & be a voice for this horse.

Here's what we saw when we arrived at the auction



Whenever a horse is 'walked' thru the auction and not ridden their chances of finding a 'home' is not good and usually they end up in the Killer Pen.

Initially this horse was going to be 'lead thru', after "Ellen" spoke with an employee at the auction they agreed to let him ride thru.

While the horse was being ridden "Ellen" stood up and starting sharing her information about the horse.
Not something typically done!
Well....it paid off and the horse was sold over the killer price and out of danger of being sent to slaughter!!!

Great Job!!!

I arrived at the auction early was able to see the horses prior to them running thru the sale.

In one of the pens were several 'lean' looking horses.

She went thru the sale and was sold  to the Kill Pen!


the next day she decided to purchase her and I offered to bring her "HOME"!

(the truck leaves  Monday morning for slaughter)

Her new name is Penny !

She is a 3 year old possibly Appendix Mare (Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred Cross)
and absolutely the kindest horse!

Here is her picture:


Pic on left taken just after she was saved: Pic on right taken 4-29-08


It did not end there

Towards the end of the auction there was an extremely emaciated skinny Standardbred horse.

What struck me the most was that he was so skinny and had cuts, bites & bumps over his entire body

And.....he had given up

While tied in the 'holding pen' he hung his head, when a horse would bite him he did not defend himself.

He was sold for 'meat' and was put into the Kill Pen

I followed the horse out and took this picture


Penny was safe and NOW.....on Sunday I wanted to try to save the Standardbred!
(I had less than 24hrs since the truck leave at 8am on Monday)

Initially, I thought even if I bought him and then euthanized him, it would be better than taking a trip to Canada or Mexico to die the painful death that the slaughterhouse would be.

AGAIN.....the friends of www.nj-horse.com pulled thru!

After making many calls, I was able to find a beautiful home in South Jersey!



back down to the auction and loaded him up

We arrived at his "NEW HOME" around 9 pm or so

He was unloaded and put into his forever home

The barn was beautiful and the care was the best!


His new name is "Tucker"

ironically Monday, the first day of his new life & new home was his


Here are some pictures:


Tucker after 2+ weeks

Each day is better for him!

He receives LOTS of attention & love

Tucker is 11 years old and was raced for 5 years. After that, it is not known where he was. It looks like he was an Amish horse.


Tucker after almost a month in his new home!
I had the opportunity to visit with Tucker; he is so happy and doing much better:)

This picture is priceless!!
Tucker sleeping with his new friend enjoying his
"New Life"


 Skippy's story is a true testament to how networking and not giving up can find your horse!

I received a call from a local horse rescue and asked if I could help her find a horse. The following information was relayed to me: the horse was from PA and sold to a lady in NJ (approximately a 7 hour distance)  The buyer was familiar since 2 weeks prior to this sale, she purchased another horse prior to Skippy, it went 'lame' according to her and she was going to bring the horse to the sale...the seller of that horse  had a first right of refusal agreement and was given less than 24 hours to purchase him back. 
So..having a little bit of information, I immediately started making telephone calls....7 hours worth!...With the generous help of an auction owner..Skippy was found
Skippy is 16 years old and had 2 owners his whole life...he is a very kind honest horse who taught 2 young girls how to ride and they both showed & loved him. The seller's were under the impression this person would take great care of him..apparently according to the buyer Skippy went 'lame' which is why she sent him to auction
I was able to locate him and arrangements were made for the previous owner to buy him back...emotions were extremely high due to the misrepresentation of the buyer's intentions and the previous owners cared for him greatly...
I went with another horse friend to the auction to pick him up and bring him to a quarantine barn until the previous owners could bring him home!  When he was picked up his condition was not good..in just 15 days he lost weight, became lame and was very stressed...his entire body literally shook!---it was heart wrenching..
At the quarantine barn, I was able to visit him and give the previous owner updates....it took a week for him to start to relax...
I offered to drive him 3 hours towards his home!!!...
The day was one I will never forget!....
that morning I groomed Skippy and put a shipping halter & blanket on...loaded my trailer with shavings & hay and started for our journey...
The previous owner even contacted Skippy's original owner who came from Ohio to PA so they could all meet Skippy!!...
So..we had all of the people in Skippy's life who loved & cared for him...I arrived and then his original 'family' came!!...everyone cried with joy and Skippy was loaded into 'his' trailer:)...
We all had a well earned lunch and Skippy finally went home!

LOTS of new & great friends were made as a result of this!
In just 15 days he
-went from PA to NJ....buyer's barn
-to the trainer's barn in NJ
-back to buyer's barn
-to a dealer
-then the auction
-to another dealer
-back to the auction
-picked up and brought to quarantine
-then...finally back in the trailer for another 7 hours to go 'home'!

It was later learned that the 'buyer' was banned from dreamhorse and petfinder...apparently she was advertising puppies for sale..misrepresented them and is under investigation for a 'puppy mill'....

It is truly a blessing for Skippy & his 'family' that he is forever safe & loved!


Hi everyone,
    I am writing to all the people I have contact with re: our love of horses. I recently (Oct. 5th) sold my 13 year old daughters beloved show horse.  L.R. Double Skipper.  He was her first horse, she showed him 3 show seasons and always placed in her classes.  This horse carried her safely through each year ... which is a huge deal to me.  I am a nurse and over protective mother!!! I see first hand injuries and what could happen in this hobby.  Skippy was 15 this year and started to show some arthritis in his front leg.  We decided to place him on dreamhorse and see what happened as we were going to start looking for a new show horse. My daughters riding improved and we really enjoy showing so ....We thought that would be best.  We contacted his previous owners and updated them too. We had a lot of inquires and some local people try him out in the just the first couple weeks.  It was the last week in September and a lady named Vicki Patterson from NJ called and stated she just wanted to ride around the arena a couple times with him and she would put him on this $300 supplement for his arthritis and he could just retire with her.  She assured me he had in and out door run.., she had automatic flyspray.. and he could ride if he felt like it and if he didn't that was fine too.  I discounted him half price because I told her it was all about a GOOD HOME.  She also stated she has rescue dogs and all her dogs have $200 orthopedic beds ... and on and on..  I thought this was perfect!!! I did sell a paint mare on dreamhorse that went to Acton California and that was a huge success.  I was to meet her half way and on Sunday, October 5th I handed over a wonderful, kind, and caring horse to the hands of a Killer!!  This lady called and stated she loved him 3 days after she had him and then the emails and slander started.  This lady was demanding her money back .. which was only $1500 and if she did not get it she was sending this horse for slaughter !! Now mind you I gave her a $100 real silver Circle Y bridle, 2 bits, stable sheet, 100 pounds of oats, halter and the signed the sales agreement (which she stated I don't need to that, I am happy, he's more handsome than I thought).  Well, I knew I was not legally bound to give back her money ... But what is she talking about slaughter.  A week in to the sale I RECEIVED HORRIBLE E/MAILS WITH THREATS AND NAME CALLING THAT MADE YOUR HAIR STAND UP!  However, when she and the young girl she was with contacted my daughter through the youtube video she requested (and never watched)! and said your family is evil and your horse is going for slaughter I contacted a lawyer and had a No Contact demand sent to her.  Guess what?... that did not work either!  She continued with nasty emails and said our horse had a death sentence.  I was mortified and helpless with this crazy lady.  My daughter is crying and I work 14 hour shifts. I lost 10 pounds and was so sad.  I am not much for the internet but a I googled animal cruelty and anything else I could in NJ and through the help of Susan Kelly/Mylestone Equine Rescue and very special lady named Colleen.. Her resuce site is www.EquineKneadsLLC.com With their hard work and devotion to our Equine friends, she found our horse at an Auction in Northern, NJ called Camelot, a place where there were over 50 horses in the kill pen.  Yes, a KILL PEN.  I did not even know theses existed. So Skippy's previous owners from Cleveland area and a friend drove 586 miles and brought him home this past Friday.  I said to Skippy before we left for home (PA) are you ready to go home? He shook his head up and down uncontrollably! It was the perfect end to a nightmare.  If this letter helps one person for going through what we went through it would definitely overcome this ladies EVIL that she brought to our family. By the way the Auction paid $360.00 for him and I had to pay him $1500.00!! BUT, I HAVE OUR HORSE BACK AND THAT IS PRICELESS.  Please don't assume you know where your horse is going. There is a lot of money in this slaughter business and the stories you find once you are aware are beyond horrifying.  I was very lucky and of course so was Skippy.  I hope you all will take the time and share my story with others and hopefully by doing so we can spare a horse.  These kill pens have horses that are drop dead gorgeous. There are horses that have shown AQHA shows.  Theses dealers say they will provide or know of "GOOD HOMES" and they go for slaughter.  With the way we are in a recession we have to be careful. Please email your horse friends and spread the word.
Thanks guys,
Lisa Rindfuss and L.R. Double Skipper



Sassy went 'home' finally!

I received 2 emails about a 4 year old Standardbred mare in the Kill Pen....her brand was traced and I contacted her original/only owner of record!

She told me that Sassy was born in her lap and a huge part of the family..she was raced and then due to the owner having family health issues, the mare was given to a lady who was going to trail ride her!...that was the last the original owner knew until my phone call...apparently the mare was traded to a horse dealer in CT who then brought her to a horse auction in NJ where she ended up destined for slaughter...

The owner made arrangements with the auction and she went home!!!!

She will enjoy life on the farm that she was born on!!

This is part of an email sent by the owner of Sassy!--many friends are made when horses are reunited with owners and saved from slaughter! Emails like this, help 'fuel' the next rescue:)

Hi Coleen-thought you'd like to see my girl-it's been an extremely emotional day-now waiting for my vet to arrive and we're getting shipping plans organized. Was wondering if you had a chance to check in with Frank? I won't relax until she's home--thanx again for everything-you made it happen and I am forever grateful-hope someday to meet you!  I feel a strong connection!!   Teri




Buddy a rescued pony


I received a call there was a horse standing in a straight stall for several weeks in manure and not being cared for. Helping Hearts offered to take him. He was brought there for his new leash on life! For more information, please visit www.freewebs.com/hher

How could anyone send this guy to an auction?

He was in the Kill Pen in August, 2009. Equine Kneads paid his pull price and trailered him to his new home at Mylestone Equine Rescue!
Apparently he was a lesson horse and is wonderful with children!
Thank you Mylestone for letting him live his final years with great care & love!


This horse could captivate anyone!

He was the herd mate to the older gelding in the pictures above. When Equine Kneads picked up the older gelding, this horse called to us as we drove away. That moment was bittersweet. Several calls were made and the TB Rescue pulled him the Kill Pen, August, 2009. More information will be posted shortly!



Words truly cannot THANK everyone enough!

Each horse saved DOES make a difference

-more information will be posted about slaughter-

This is from a Killer Buyer
the sad truth

Thursday, April 10th... The following is a word for word quote from horse killer Manny Phelps:

I provide a service. People are revolted when I tell them I process horses for a living, but without me there would be thousands of starving horses living on our streets. On that girlie website of yours you wrote how I exploit horses. Wrong. I exploit alcohol. I exploit Burger King. But with horses I provide a service. I mop up. I clean up the mess left by morons who just have to breed their mare. A few years later no one wants the baby anymore, so I come in to mop up. How come you never write about those morons who just have to breed their mare? Every spring I send dozens of mares and new foals to the meat plant. And every spring there are idiots breeding more babies. All of your do right for horses cause they built America is crap. The only way to do right for horses is to stop breeding them.
The following is a word for word quote from a man named Pete, and he is in charge of a major Northern California auction:

Kill buyers represent 80 percent of our business. The only market for the $250.00 horse is the butcher market. We provide a service for unwanted horses.
The following is a word for word quote from a large thoroughbred breeding farm in Northern California:

Can you send a hauler to pick up 6 mares? They have great bloodlines, but we are cutting back. Also we have several 2 and 3 year olds that need to go. I understand you are full, but if you turn us down we will have to sell them to slaughter. For you they are $300.00 each.
The following is a word for word quote from Allison Martino, and she is 12. Once a week Allison stays with us after school, while her mom is in a computer class:

What is wrong with people? I would go postal on these clowns.
Joe's comment...
We sometimes receive 50 or 75 e-mails daily, and I do a decent job of keeping up. This past Monday, April 7th, there were 37 letters asking me to take their horse. 37. All kinds of stories. Many of these letters would break your heart. Money problems, lost jobs, boarding rates keep rising, divorces, feeding costs, their horse is lame, their horse is mean, their daughter has a boyfriend, or their horse is 30 and it is time move on.

All 37 letters have the same dark theme. You are our last chance Joe. Otherwise we will have to take him to auction. Otherwise we will have to put him down. Otherwise could you give me the phone number of a horse killer?

The majority of these requests always come on Mondays. During the weekend is when owners decide they must say goodbye.
The following is a word for word quote from horse killer Brent Sanchez, and this came yesterday:

I got a gelding with a tattoo and he is 8. He has one shoe and he needs at least 100 pounds. A lady in Vacaville gave him to me. What a witch. She has all these horses, and when her little boy came to say hi she screamed and cussed him out. Told him to quit bothering everybody. I am going to give you this gelding Joe. He is sweet. You just have to cover transportation costs from Vallejo. Call Maggie, and she will have him ready at the south gate.
One thing I have learned about most horse killers. They become really angry when kids are treated badly.

Another gelding comes to us from horse killer Manny Phelps later today. We could be 75 degrees. I am experimenting with this posting pictures thing. New pictures will soon be up under the age links. Enjoy your beautiful sun is up Thursday, and be sure to hug your horses.

Everyone who helps pull horses from the feed lot is grateful to Camelot...they are the middle man..they did not put these horses in there..they are doing a job.  Fortunately, they do it well! All of the horses are VERY well cared for. They receive beautiful green hay, fresh water and a clean area bedded with shavings.  For some of the horses, it is the best care they have ever received.
The blame is for the horse owners who did not do their jobs not the middle men! The middle men clean up the mess that irresponsible horse owners created.

Two Horses
Just up the road from my home is a field, with two horses in it.
From a distance, each horse looks like any other horse. But if you stop your car,
or are walking by, you will notice something quite amazing.... looking into
the eyes of one horse will disclose that he is blind. His owner has chosen not
to have him put down, but has made a good home for him.
This alone is amazing.
If you stand nearby and listen, you will hear the sound of a bell. Looking
around for the source of the sound, you will see that it comes from the
smaller horse in the field.
Attached to the horse's halter is a small bell.
It lets the blind friend know where the other horse is, so he can follow.
As you stand and watch these two friends, you'll see that the horse
with the bell is always checking on the blind horse, and that the blind
horse will listen for the bell and then slowly walk to where the other
horse is, trusting that he will not be led astray.
When the horse with the bell returns to the shelter of the barn each evening,
it stops occasionally and looks back, making sure that the blind friend isn't
too far behind to hear the bell.
Like the owners of these two horses, God does not throw us away just
because we are not perfect or because we have problems or challenges.
He watches over us and even brings others into our lives to help us when
we are in need.
Sometimes we are the blind horse being guided by the little ringing bell
of those who God places in our lives.
Other times we are the guide horse, helping others to find their way....
Good friends are like that... you may not always see them, but you know they
are always there.
Please listen for my bell and I'll listen for yours.
Live simply,
Love generously,
Care deeply,
Speak kindly....
Leave the rest to God

And remember...


Be kinder than necessary-

Everyone you meet is fighting

Some kind of battle.



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