Welcome to Equine Kneads!


          Equine Kneads horses receive the best of care to ensure a healthy & balanced horse.

They are fed Purina Ultium (www.Ultium.com ), Buckeye Ultimate Finish and Buckeye Gro 'n Win.

In addition, their team includes:

Dr. Christina Wilson - Equiheart Vet
Her dedication, knowledge and quick response is greatly appreciated

Dr. Carole Edwards  
She provides them the best Acupuncture & Chiropractic treatment!

Pat - Farrier

Thank you to everyone who helps keep Equine Kneads horses Happy & Healthy!

*Maintaining a healthy lifestyle for a horse is discussed in class!*   



Jae Bar Page "Kid" a 1999 Reg. APHA/PtHA Sorrel Overo. He was purchased in December, 2004 from a trainer in Missouri. He is by World Champion, Page Maker and Grandson of Doc's Jack Sprat.  His kind & sensitive mannerism makes him an asset to the Program.          











     June 2008


    February, 2007                                         
                        Courtesy of creativeimagesonline.net



Jae Bar Page a/k/a "Kid" at the Warren County Farmer's Fair - 2007













The practice of kindness towards helpless creatures is a sign of development to the higher reaches of intelligence & sympathy.                       ~Rev George Laughton~




Raps Sonny Mr  "Sonny"    He is a 2005 Registered Paint gelding.  He arrived from Vermont in April 2006. His is out of World Producing Mare, Red Sonny Jody and by Rap by Mr Son of 2X World Champion RH Mr Imprint!   His muscled body type gives therapists an opportunity to identify muscles by sight and feel!

Sonny December 2013 - sticking his tongue out:-)



Sonny as a 3 y/o September, 2008

  Sonny's 3rd ride


                                                     June 2008 - 3 y/o pic



                                            Sonny as a Yearling!                                                                                               



2 Year Old  - May 5, 2007







Sonny September, 2007 - playing with the tarp!





Registered Quarter Horse & Palomino
17 h  Hunt Seater!



November 2012


June 2012



Nifty loves his Dunkin!




 Jazz crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 16th 2009

He was a mentor and role model teaching many people how to massage and brought awareness to horse slaughter.
Because of Jazz, many horses were rescued from the Kill Pen.
He was truly an angel and will be missed.

To the World you are just one more rescue person.
To a rescued pet, you are the world.

My Gifted Choir "Jazz"  He was rescued out of a killer pen in South Jersey. Due to his unsoundess issues, he cannot be ridden. He loves his massages and is an asset to the Program. With LOTS of reactive spots, new therapists have an opportunity to identify reactive spots!

Jazz is on our Dedication Page!


The Warmth Of A Horse

When your day seems out of balance and so many things go wrong ...
When people fight around you and the clock drags on so long ...
When some folks act like children and fill you with remorse ...
Go out into your pasture and wrap your arms around your horse.

His gentle breath enfolds you as he watches with those eyes ...
He may not have a PhD but oh, he is so wise!
His head rests on your shoulder, you hug him good and tight ...
He puts your world in balance and makes it seem all right.

Your tears will soon stop flowing, the tension will be eased ...
The nonsense has been lifted. You are quiet and at peace.
So when you need some balance from the stresses in your day ...
The therapy you really need is out there eating hay !





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