91 people die every day from an overdose on opioids





These known drugs are what is available to the general public all have side effects as they are chemical components made to subdue the brain from a nerve activation that's causing Pain.  It is the best that Medical Science has to offer to date; more research is being done to find an ultimate remedy.

Mankind has and still is trying to find a pain remedy that will work  without side effects in the Drug field...

A Miracle has been found with the Home Made creation and discovery of POOF PAINSTOPPER an Herbalceutical Oil .... Rub on applicator, that stops pain in a second...It even works on Animals...  


                       Common Drugs and Medications to Treat Pain

hydrocodone-acetaminophen oral     Lyrica oral     tramadol oral     Neurontin oral     oxycodone oral     gabapentin oral     Percocet oral     OxyContin oral     Vicodin oral     methadone oral     Norco oral     Celebrex oral     Ultram oral     naproxen oral     oxycodone-acetaminophen oral     Nucynta oral     Dilaudid oral     Opana ER oral     morphine oral     MS Contin oral       ibuprofen oral     Roxicodone oral     etodolac oral     Kadian oral     Opana oral     Vicodin ES oral     Endocet oral     hydromorphone oral     Aleve oral     Ultracet oral     acetaminophen oral     tramadol-acetaminophen oral     hydrocodone-ibuprofen oral     Butrans transdermal     pregabalin oral     naproxen sodium oral     diclofenac potassium oral     acetaminophen-codeine oral     Tylenol-Codeine #3 oral     Embeda oral     Nucynta ER oral     ketorolac oral     Demerol oral     Tylenol oral     Advil PM oral    Excedrin Migraine oral     Naprosyn oral     Prialt intrathecal     Ponstel oral     oxymorphone oral     Zipsor oral     Sprix nasal     aspirin oral     Vicodin HP oral     Cambia oral     Gralise oral     Methadose oral     pentazocine-naloxone oral     Demerol injection     Zorvolex oral     Lortab Elixir oral     Excedrin Extra Strength oral     Percogesic oral     Hysingla ER oral     Dolophine oral     celecoxib oral     butorphanol tartrate nasal     Methadone Intensol oral     ketoprofen oral     Tylenol PM Extra Strength oral     Zohydro ER oral     meperidine oral     Advil oral     Reprexain oral     Xodol 10/300 oral     morphine intramuscular     fentanyl (PF) intravenous     Lorcet Plus oral     Advil Migraine oral     tapentadol oral     diflunisal oral     hydromorphone intravenous     codeine sulfate oral     Trezix oral     Buprenex injection     methadone injection     morphine injection     Tylenol-Codeine #4 oral     Nalfon oral     fentanyl (PF) injection     morphine intravenous     Zamicet oral     ketamine injection     hydromorphone injection     magnesium salicylate oral     mefenamic acid oral     Advil Liqui-Gel oral     buprenorphine transdermal     Belbuca buccal     Tylenol Extra Strength oral     ketorolac injection     Duramorph (PF) injection     Xtampza ER oral     Ibuprofen PM oral     Gralise 30-Day Starter Pack oral     morphine (PF) intravenous     buprenorphine HCl injection     Mapap (acetaminophen) oral     morphine rectal     meclofenamate oral     Motrin IB oral     Excedrin Tension Headache oral     Acetaminophen Extra Strength oral     oxycodone-aspirin oral     ketorolac intramuscular     Anaprox DS oral     ziconotide intrathecal     Bayer Back and Body oral     fentanyl in 0.9 % sodium chloride (PF) intravenous     morphine in 0.9 % sodium chloride intravenous     Hycet oral     Acetaminophen PM oral     Percogesic Extra Strength oral     hydrocodone bitartrate oral     Xartemis XR oral     Naprelan CR oral     aspirin-acetaminophen-caffeine oral     oxymorphone injection     levorphanol tartrate oral     Tylenol Arthritis Pain oral     Demerol (PF) injection     Advil PM Liqui-Gels oral     Oxaydo oral     nalbuphine injection     Non-Aspirin Extra Strength oral     hydromorphone rectal     Back Pain-Off oral     fentanyl HCl transdermal     methadone intravenous     Pain Reliever Extra Strength oral     Q-PAP oral     diphenhydramine-acetaminophen oral     morphine (PF) injection     meperidine injection     All Day Pain Relief oral     Mapap Extra Strength oral     Adult Low Dose Aspirin oral    hydromorphone (PF) injection     Arthritis Pain Relief (acetaminophen) oral     Ofirmev intravenous     fentanyl in 0.9 % sodium chloride (PF) injection     acetaminophen rectal     Ecotrin Low Strength oral     acetaminophen-caffeine-dihydrocodeine oral     buprofen IB oral     Vanquish oral     Pain Relief PM oral     Children's Motrin oral     Migraine Relief oral     Goody's Extra Strength oral     ibuprofen-oxycodone oral     Xodol 7.5/300 oral    Xodol 5/300 oral     Pamprin Max oral     morphine-naltrexone oral     acetaminophen intravenous     Back and Body Pain Reliever oral     Lortab 10-325 oral     ketamine intravenous     Bayer Aspirin oral   Ecotrinoral  Headache Relief (ASA-acetaminophn-caffeine) oral     Enteric Coated Aspirin oral     Opana injection     intravenous     Pain Reliever oral     butorphanol tartrate injection     Synalgos-DC oral     Talwin injection     Feverall rectal     aspirin rectal     Pain Relief Extra Strength oral     fenoprofen oral     2 User Reviews  Pain Relief oral     2 User Reviews  choline and magnesium salicylate oral     Bayer Plus Extra Strength oral     Mapap PM oral     Mediproxen oral     hydromorphone in 0.9 % sodium chloride injection     Tylenol Sore Throat oral     Athenol oral     Acetaminophen PM Extra Strength oral     Midol PM oral    Bufferin oral     Migraine Formula oral     Infumorph P/F injection     Dologen oral     Wal-Profen oral     Goody's PM oral     Pain and Fever oral     clonidine (PF) epidural     ibuprofen intravenous     Pain and Sleep oral     Primlev oral     Motrin PM oral     BC Arthritis oral     Bayer Advanced oral     diclofenac submicronized oral     Lortab 5-325 oral     Aleve PM oral     Tivorbex oral     EC-Naprosyn oral     fentanyl in D5W (PF) intravenous     aspirin, buffered oral     Pain Reliever PM oral     Aspir-Trin oral     Lorcet HD oral   Non-Aspirin Pain Relief oral     Tactinal oral     Tactinal Extra Strength oral     Aspir-81 oral     pentazocine lactate injection     Anacin oral     Added Strength Pain Reliever oral     Tylophen oral     aspirin-caffeine-dihydrocodeine oral     Provil oral     Anacin Maximum Strength oral     Buffered Aspirin oral     Cold Relief oral     acetaminophen-caffeine oral     ASA-acetaminophen-caffeine-buffers oral     meperidine in 0.9% sod.chloride intravenous     Ibu-Drops oral     Aspirin Low Dose oral     morphine in dextrose 5 % injection     morphine in 0.9 % sodium chloride injection     St Joseph Aspirin oral     Pain Relief Regular Strength oral     ASA-acetaminophen-salicylate-caffeine oral     Backache Relief oral     Children's Acetaminophen oral     BC oral     Children's Advil oral     Children's Ibuprofen oral     Mapap Arthritis Pain oral     Pain Reliever Plus oral     Arthritis Pain Reliever oral     Super Pain Relief oral     8 HOUR PAIN RELIEVER oral     meperidine (PF) injection     ibuprofen-diphenhydramine citrate oral     Q-PAP Extra Strength oral     Severe Allergy oral     Ibudone oral     morphine (PF) in 0.9% sodium chloride intravenous     hydromorphone (PF) in 0.9 % sodium chloride intravenous     hydromorphone in 0.9 % sodium chloride intravenous     Caldolor intravenous     Bayer Aspirin (with caffeine) oral     Pain Relief Adult oral     ketorolac nasal     methadone in 0.9 % sodium chloride intravenous     Women's Aspirin with Calcium oral     Goody's Migraine Relief oral     Coricidin HBP Cold and Flu oral     Lorcet (hydrocodone) oral     Acetaminophen Pain Relief oral     Diskets oral     Bayer PM oral     Midol (naproxen) oral     Lortab 7.5-325 oral     phenyltoloxamine-acetaminophen oral     Relagesic oral     ketamine in 0.9 % sodium chloride  Headache Reliever oral     alfentanil injection     Infant's Acetaminophen oral     Non-Aspirin oral     Infant Pain Reliever oral       Tri-Buffered Aspirin oral     aspirin-caffeine oral     Capital with Codeine oral     Children's Non-Aspirin Pain oral     chlorpheniramine-acetaminophen oral     Children's Aspirin oral     Children's Tactinal oral     Non-Aspirin Childrens oral     Non-Aspirin Jr Strength oral     Nortemp oral     Acephen rectal     Astramorph-PF injection     Ed-APAP oral     Masophen oral     Children's Silapap oral     Lite Coat Aspirin oral     Aspirin Childrens oral     aspirin-calcium carbonate oral     Ultiva intravenous     remifentanil intravenous     Aspir-Low oral     Extra Strength Bayer oral     Effervescent Pain Relief oral     Effervescent Pain Reliever oral     Alka-Seltzer Extra Strength oral     Duraclon (PF) epidural     Backache Relief Extra Strength oral     Non-Aspirin Infants oral     Added Strength Headache Relief oral     Extraprin oral     Children's Q-PAP oral       I-Prin oral     Pain-Off oral     Medi-Seltzer oral     Night Time Pain Medicine oral     Children's Ibu-Drops oral     Infant's Tylenol oral     Child Aspirin oral     Non-Aspirin PM oral Pain Reliever Jr Strengthoral  Allergy Severe oral Pain Reliever PM Ex-Strength oral Non-Aspirin Nightime Flanax (naproxen) oral     Pain Relief (acetaminophen-aspirin-caff) oral     Ketalar injection     Tension  oral    Non-Aspirin Pain Relief PM oral     Pain Medicine P.M. oral     Headache Relief PM oral     St. Joseph Aspirin oral     E.C. Prin oral     Effervescent Antacid oral     Children's Tylenol oral     Children's Pain Relief oral     Children's Pain and Fever Relief oral     Children's Non-Aspirin oral     Non-Aspirin Children's oral     Children's Pain Reliever oral     Infant's Pain Reliever oral     Infant's Non-Aspirin oral     Infant's Pain Relief oral     Children's Profen IB oral     Headache PM oral     Child Ibuprofen oral     Jr. Acetaminophen oral     Lo-Dose Aspirin oral     Ibuprofen Jr Strength oral     Infant's Ibuprofen oral     acetaminophen-pyrilamine maleate oral     All Day Relief oral     Mg salicylate-acetaminophen-caffeine oral     Infants Ibu-Drops oral     Antacid and Pain Relief oral     Wal-Proxen oral     aspirin-sodium bicarbonate-citric acid oral     Children's Mapap oral     Junior Mapap oral     morphine (PF) in dextrose 5 % intravenous     Pharbetol oral     Effervescent Pain Relief Antacid oral     Infant's Advil oral     Non-Aspirin Child rectal     Jr. Strength Pain Reliever oral     Tension Headache oral     Infant's Motrin oral     Infants ProfenIB oral     BetaTemp oral     Children's Fever Reducing rectal     Fever Reducer rectal     PediaCare Fever Reducer oral     Alka-Seltzer Original oral     aspirin-diphenhydramine citrate oral     Acetadryl oral     remifentanil in 0.9 % NaCl (PF) intravenous     hydromorphone in D5W (PF) intravenous     Infants' Pain Relief oral     Jr. Str Non-Aspirin Pain oral     acetaminophen-dexbrompheniramine oral     Infant Fever Reducer-Pain Relief oral     morphine (PF) in 0.9% sodium chloride injection     PM Pain Reliever oral     Tension Headache Pain Reliever oral     Fever Reducer an Pain Reliever oral     Pain Relief PM Rapid Release oral     Infants' Pain and Fever oral     Children's Easy-Melts oral     Bayer Chewable Low Dose Aspirin oral     Children's Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer rectal     magnesium salicylate-caffeine oral    Diurex oral     Little Remedies Fever and Pain Reliever oral    Wal-Nadol PM oral     Pain Reliever (acetaminophen-aspirin) oral     Aceta-Gesic oral     Verdrocet oral     G-Dologen oral     Dologen 325 oral     Xylon 10 oral     brompheniramine-acetaminophen oral     Staflex (brompheniramine-acetaminophen) oral     diclofenac intravenous     naproxen-diphenhydramine oral     indomethacin submicronized oral     HistaFlex oral     Ionsys transdermal     Dyloject intravenous     Shake That Ache oral     EaZZZe The Pain oral     Analgesic (aspirin/caffeine) oral     buprenorphine HCl buccal    Pain Relief (with salicylamide) oral     meperidine (PF) in 0.9 % sodium chloride intravenous     Dologesic (with dexbrompheniramine) oral     oxycodonemyristate oral     Fenortho oral     Dologesic-DF oral    

                               We do not profess that the drugs listed are not suitable for human consumption or its competence

                        Mana enterprises LLc.. Pob 2158 Kamuela Hi 96743

                          All the drugs listed have side effects to degree

that is fatal if over used .


Compared to


          POOF PAINSTOPPER         

which has no side effects and   

surrenders pain in a second 



What you got to lose with drugs...just your life

when there's a clean, safe, no side effects, or addiction.





Just Stay with Drugs, It's your Freedom of choice..



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