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08-17-2017 03:21:18 pm EDT
we have at times been hack by demented people to stop this Pain remedy in helping people...If your unable to make contact par Paypal please contact par email..Aloha
06-14-2017 03:20:18 pm EDT
Aloha Mr Kahanamoku I received my incredible bottle of Poof yesterday at work and used it when I got home. WoW.... is all I can say. I feel way more than gratitude for your WONDER filled oil. Very bad knee injury has taken me 1 ½ years to only somewhat recover from, I almost cried last night from the joy of pain relief since that time. I told one of my patients yesterday (who's an older hula dancer in Waimea) about your product and said I'll let her know after I tried it if I thought it might help to keep her dancing. I will for sure give her a call and perhaps purchase for her and give as a gift. I'm unable to say what's in it except the coconut oil base. I really can't thank you enough for dropping it off for me at Dr. Dawson's office. What a lovely gesture. Thank you so much. I'm sending $20 in an envelope to your PO box and ordering off your web site at least (3) three 30 ml bottles. No expiration date, correct? Mahalo Nui Loa, Danielle
12-19-2015 12:50:52 pm CST
OK, I've Been EXPERIMENTING With My POOF ! Concentrate & Aila I Promise I was suffering with my Klippell- Trenaurnay lately plenty with my Foot/ Ankle. I was applying to specific sites of the bone pain I've had lately. Paying attention to regularly applying even waking up in the night from the pain and applying. So 4 times in 24 hrs. Yes the Pain is subsiding. Have not woken up to pain in night. Now applying only 3x's per day as pain comes. It is way less intense. I shall continue to Apply using the concentrate at night and the aila the other times. I will always Suffer with pain due to my Birth Defect - But with my pain meds along with the Poof I can Live with Less Pain. Please help me by getting this to a recorded way of production becausee when you go Lehua Moe I need to know I can still get it made. You need to see your Nephew Clifford and get it Patented for Marena to be taken care of. Meanwhile hurry up so you can Get What You have Coming to You for the Discovery Ke OluOlu !!! Jes Sayin ~ Patricia Louise Leimomi Albert Greene
Mr Jaspar
11-29-2015 04:37:27 pm CST
Thank you for Donating Poof painkiller to our football team, it has helped the kids every time we use it and that’s a lot of use’s Thank you Again…. Aloha Little league football team…Mr. Jasper
Rid Pain
11-24-2015 04:06:20 pm CST
What Poof Painkiller does is subsides (The nerves to become less strong or intense and unable to send or receive ) the Neurons: The nerve cells that receives and sends electrical signals over long distances within the body from sending pain messages to and from the brain; Poof Painkillers oils and herbal ingredients’, is a rub on and has no drugs, and no side effects, and maybe used on a child, adults or animals:… or anything with nerves, At the price of wholesale one can afford to release pain..
Kapu   good
10-14-2015 03:54:14 pm CDT
Women from Alaska by the name of Kris had a foot problem to which she couldn't bend her toes up right and lived with much pain...She was taking Cortisone shots for years to relieve her from pain the medical aid applied one drop of POOF on her toe and she was amazed of how fast it relieved her from pain…later she applied it to her hip witch had the same condition and it relieved her again from pain in a matter of seconds...She returned and bought 8 bottles for her and friends…and said no more Cortisone for me again after years of applications….Will continue using….” POOF”…(YES IT WORKS)
08-9-2015 02:30:17 pm EDT
To order by phone for local area call 808-887-0200 and leave a message..

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