In the legs, arms, hands.etc


type'2 Diabetes.

Nerve damage from diabetes cannot be reversed...Because the body can't naturally repair nerve tissues that have been damage according to science:...How ever it has been found that “POOF” Cream is able to reduce the pain and tingling in the area's of discomfort and allows the myelin to replace it's self

“POOF CREAM replaces the nerve's myelin that has been damage thus stopping the nerve's to signal to the brain of an injure at the area...

POOF CREAM also reduces the swelling in the legs...allowing the capillarity’s and the blood vessels the ability to expand and contract as it does normally but when being swollen it is constricted from doing so and causes high blood pressures….POOF CREAM reduces the swelling and allows the vessels to conform to it natural abilities in a matter of a day or more…Thus reducing High Blood Pressures and type 2 Diabetes….All it takes is just a dab rubbed over the knee and the lower extremities’ of the legs and feet…”Go with ALOHA”… 


"POOF CREAM" A wonder Cream far effected than any other creams .….of its type;.. Purchase with confidents’ .Be free of Diabetes 2 Pain's and discomforts.



  POOF brings down type2 swelling of the legs to its normality in a day or two, the knee pain and tingling in a matter of a second cause by Diabetes


Majority of Diabetes 2 glucose lies in the lower extremities’ of the anatomy… (I.e. lower legs) due to the increase of volume by weight it descends by the force of gravity and degenerate par time causing an increase to the amount of glucose allowable by the anatomy’s use… if an overabundance occurs it is known as Diabetes 2..

In order to control the amount it can be degraded by; exercising, diet, or medication…The majority method use is medications….which to date is par-semi compatible depending on the individual metabolism that cause’s its biotransformation’s (the chemical modification (or modifications) made by an organism on a chemical compound…i.e. sugars)

It has been found that POOF CREAM is able to degenerate the glucose when applied over the lower extremities in a matter of seconds or over any area containing glucose …


"Poof Diabetic Cream Cures Diabetes type 2.

Complete direction ...may asked for information at manallc@hawaii.rr.com

15 ml jar $29.99

shipping $3.00



 total: $32.99

 Special orders for larger size cream jars contact

Hard to believe the price of this product and yet its harder to believe the product works

but then how else would you know if it does...


manallc@hawaii.rr.com ...


 You will be amazed with the rapidness of this new product...it stops Diabetic pains in a second...Rub a dab over area of dysfunction  and you won’t believe the out come…


Retards Diabetes 2'

The rest is up to you.



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