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The cost of pain per year is close to a Trillion Dollars Worldwide...everyone acquires pain in their life time even to the end of life;… you enter life with pain and leave with pain …and there are more than 1 million pain relievers’ from a drink of alcohol to placebo drug pills... As of today nothing works; drugs, herbals, placebos. Etc… On the market the pain relievers or painkillers only arrests’ the brain not the nerve that is the cause of the pain that is transmitting the impulse to the brain in notification of a problem in an area of the anatomy that needs attention…


”POOF” is an oil remedy  (Kahili la'au oils) that when rubbed into the area of pain…i.e. subdues the nerve not the brain as drugs diverts the active nerves to the oils ingredients and returns it to a calmness relieving the anatomy from the feeling of pain…

Continues use of “POOF” will remove the pain from Persistence… “POOF”Pain, Reliever, Killer… is a Painstopper that relieves the NERVES…from PAIN… WE DO NOT PROFESS THAT “POOF” IS A CURE ALL..BUT WE DO CLAIM THAT “POOF” STOPS PAIN IN SECONDS…Stops" DIABETIC peripheral neuropathy or Diabetic feet pain as well…


Once you use it, POOF- it's gone

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