" ... Poof.... Stops Pain in Seconds






More than 100 million American adults live with chronic pain—most of them WOMAN. What will it take to bring them relief?...At last a PAIN remedy for WOMAN that stops Pain in a second…WORKS ON ANYTHING THAT HAS A NERVE…Poof Painstopper”... Developed for WOMEN…



 'Use one Drop and IN A SECOND , poof-it's gone'


When you Rub Poof on the area of Pain you will not feel a cold feeling, or  numbing, or any feelings at all the PAIN just subsides...

POOF"... All gone...It may last up to 1 or 12 hour's or more...

 No other Pain Remedy can claim that it

Stops PAIN in a



Psoriatic Arthritis, Joints, Fibromyalgia, Back, Knee’s, Neck, Arms, Most Nerve Pain’s

No Side Effects, No drugs, No Opioid


Selling at wholesale;...

30ml bottle at $19.99.

A $60.00 Value 

Poof PainStopper ®

mana enterprises.LLc. ®

www.manallc.com . ®





 A Miracle for the aged

no need for Opioids that deprives the wonders of life..

 POOF" only stops Pain...It doesn't get you high....leaves your brain free from OPIOIDS and all drugs...

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