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MAMBO UNICO SALSA LESSONS...The Best Salsa Lessons / DVD's / Videos
Welcome To Angel Navarro's Salsa New York Style Webpage

Hello friends,

This page was added to share some warn thoughts from our satisfied students and friends..... It's purpose is to enlighten all those wanting to know more about Angel Navarro's unique teaching style (The Mambo Unico Style). Comments from our students are solely expressed by their sincere thoughts, experience and feelings toward their total satisfaction and triumphs.

Ruben and Monica, Brooklyn, NY

 We’re getting married and we decided to do something special for our “First Dance”.  We had not danced Salsa in years but after our first private lesson with Angel we were thoroughly impressed.  He’s incredibly funny, friendly and a tremendously talented instructor. Thanks Angel, you’ve helped to make our wedding day extra special by allowing us put on a show that’s going to blow our families away!

Paige Zandri, Albany, NY

Taking lessons with Angel has taught me how dancing Salsa is a form of expression. His classes leave nothing to be desired, as he emphasizes the importance of style and technique in every move. Having never danced Salsa or taken lessons before, I needed training in every aspect - and with Angel's teaching technique and expertise I've been introduced to this world of "Dancing On 2" that everyone should experience!

Arthur and Honeyrock, Brooklyn, NY

Hello everyone, my boyfriend and I are having the greatest time of our lives. Angel's salsa classes are the best in New York City. We just can't get enough of them. We have been to other dance schools but none compare to Angel's unique style of teaching. Angel is a true Golden Mambo Dance Instructor.

Tara and Manny, Long Island, NY

With the explosion of Dancing With The Stars, Manny and I would like to say that Angel's Mambo classes are filled with energy and fun. He should have been a comedian because he makes every class fun to learn. We love his style and easy to learn breakdowns.

Ann Marie Bauer, Howard Beach, NY

I'm a Palladium dancer who just loves to dance Salsa. I joined Angel's classes to stay in shape and learn some of today's spicy Mambo dance steps and moves. I must say that Angel is full of surprises. All his classes are fun and challenging with new material. Angel is the right instructor and made to order  fulfilling everyone's needs.  

Maribel Bennett, Brooklyn, NY

I came to Angel's classes because I was missing something in my Latin dancing (Style ). After taking my first class with Angel I quickly realized that his style is what I was looking for. Angel is very thorough and meticulously explains everything to his students. He's unique because his demonstrations match and complement the entire body. I'm so happy to have joined his Sunday classes.


Linda Arteca, Howard Beach, NY

Since I have been taking Salsa lessons with Angel Navarro, I'm having an exhilarating experience in every class that I take. Angel is an excellent dance instructor whose style and technique show his true passion for dance. Not only am I having fun, I have lost weight and made new friends.


Melissa Pabon, Brooklyn, NY

The moment I walked into Angel's studio I knew I was in for a treat!  Every class was exciting and challenging.  As a dancer/instructor/performer, Angel has shown me just what it takes to truly dance from the heart.  He is full of creativity, energy and most of all passion.  His class is a class not to be missed!


Jennifer and Carmen, Brooklyn, NY

We've been learning Salsa with Angel for a couple of months now.  Salsa is fun and challenging.  We enjoy every moment of it. Angel makes it very easy to learn.

Erin, Laurie and Alyssa, Howard Beach, NY

We have learned so much from Angel in a short time.  He is an incredible dancer, and shares his talent through teaching.  As beginners, Angel has made Salsa easy for us to learn.  His classes are always a great time, and we look forward to going every week. 


Hellen, New York City

Angel is a great salsa dance instructor.  He knows how to break the steps
down to a level that everyone is able to pick up easily.  More importantly,
with his great sense of humor and great passion and talent, he knows how to
make the lessons fun! He provides lots of one-on-one attention so we can
improve quicker.  We always look forward to going to his class.

"Tell me, and I will forget;
  Show me, and I may remember;
  Involve me, and I will understand."


Shiara Terrones, Flushing, NY

I'm very glad that I'm taking class with Angel Navarro. Angel is filled of
energy which transmit to all his students. I have learned a lot since I
started taking classes with him. He makes all his classes very easy and
enjoyable which makes me look forward to going every week. He always keeps
a high sense of humor which makes all his classes relaxed. He loves to teach
and he is a great dancer.

David and Ramona, Bronx, NY

We were very impressed with the rapport that Angel establishes with his students. He sets them at ease and before you know it, they are dancing!”




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