A series of artwork which grasps your innermost soul or tears your heart to shreds.

The works below are a reaction to the extreme emotion we experience & are exposed to every day in our current society, economy, political theory, etc.  I want my works to speak to you, the viewer, to make your heart hurt with emotion, to make you angry, to release & embrace your passions & your opnions...Step back from the flashing lights, billboards, traffic, news, television...take a moment to reflect on the moments in your life  you will never forget.

Patchwork Diaries of a Girl's Life

oil on canvas w/acetate collage, paper, newspaper, mylar, synthetic, feathers, brillo pad, foam, pen & ink & graphite, 2008, 24x48", $1200.00

Details Patchwork Diaries of a Girl's Life-click to enlarge: 



Mother Nature's Fury

oil on canvas w/acetate collage, 2008, 6x6x1.5", $200.00



Save Her!

oil on canvas, brillo pad, tarleton, newspaper & glitter, 2008, 8x8x1.5", Private Collection- West Roxbury, MA 

View from My Windows

oil on canvas w/acetate collage, newspaper, 2008, 16x20", $450.00


Golden Window to Americana

oil on canvas with acetate collage, 2008, 6x6x1.5", Private Collection, Townsend, MA 


Mist of Serenity

watercolor, 2008, 5x7", Private Collection , Stoughton, MA


Garden of Temptation

watercolor & ink, 2008, 5x7", $55.00


Unity in Twilight

  watercolor & ink, 2008, 5x7", Private Collection , Stoughton, MA


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