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Hardwood Paddles

Made out of Ash from a solid piece of wooden plank.

Two styles of blades.

Beaver Tail is our traditional paddle.

Tear Drop gives you more wear for those who like to push off of rocks and docks.

Paddles available in nine lengths: 

36"- 42" - 48" - 54"

Shafts are turned 1 1/16" with a 5 3/4" wide blade.

57" - 60" - 63" - 66" - 69".

Shafts are turned 1 1/8" with a 6" wide blade.

Comfortable shaped handle.

Finished with many coats of marine spar varnish.

See the paddle selection guide below for sizing.

Beaver Tail Blade

Paddle Selection Guide.           

Please note this is just a reference guide, it comes down to the users preference.

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