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Dance Lessons in Mabank TX |
Life May Not Be The Party We Hoped For, But While We Are Here, We May As Well Dance!

Over the years, I have collected a number of dances from folks who either didn't know the name of the dance, or a name had not been assigned to the dance before we danced it.  The first few of the following dances were from David Kaynor from about 10-15 years ago when he came to Texas and lead a weekend workshop in Bastrop, Texas.  The rest are from various venues.

I really liked these dances, so I wrote them down.  I either haven't taken the time to compare them with the many resources I have or I have never seen them in print.

If you know the name/choreographer of any of these dances, drop me a line, please!


UNKNOWN #2 (Duple Imp) 

16 DSD N; Give a R to Partner, Balance & Box the Gnat

16 Pull by Partner straight across; courtesy turn w/N to face in & end w/Roll Away; Men Alm Right 1½

16 B&S P

16 Cir L ¾; Bal the Ring; California Twirl w/Partner

UNKNOWN #4 (Dup Imp-Double Progression)

16 Balance & Swing Neighbor; face down

16 Down the Hall 4 in line; turn as couples; Return; break the line

16 Chain across and back; Circle Left ¾; pass thru

16 DSD next Neighbor; Circle Left once

UNKNOWN #7 (Dup Imp)

16 DSD Neighbor; Alm Right Neighbor 1½

16 Alm Left next neighbor once; Swing orig Neighbor

16 Chain across & back

16 Couple 1 Balance & Swing

UNKNOWN #8 (Dup Imp)

16 Star Right; DSD Neighbor

16 Alm Right Neighbor 1½ & hang on; look at next neighbor along the line (if no one, stay put!); Star L w/next neighbor once around

16 Gypsy & Swing orig Neighbor

16 Circle Left; Swing Partner(Couple 1 face down)

UNKNOWN #10 (Dup Imp)

16 Balance & Swing Neighbor

16 Circle Left ¾; Swing Partner

16 R&L thru ><

16 Chain; Star L

UNKNOWN #12 (Dup Imp)

16 DSD & Swing Neighbor

16 Circle Left 3/4; Balance the Ring; Neighbors Roll away

16 Balance the Ring; Swing Partner

16 R&L thru; Chain

UNKNOWN #14 (Duple Imp)

16 DSD & Swing Neighbor

16 Forward & Back; Couple #1 Swing & face up

16 Circle Left ¾ w/Man #2; Couple #1 arch & pop Man #2 under the arch to his Partner; All Swing Partner on the side

16 R&L thru; Circle Left once

UNNAMED #2 (Duple Imp)

16 Circle Left; DSD Neighbor

16 Balance & Swing Neighbor

16 R&L thru across & back

16 Forward & Back; Circle Right; say goodbye; turn & face next


UNNAMED #3 (Duple Imp)

16 Circle Left, the Right

16 Balance & Swing Neighbior

16 Forward & Back; Couple #1 Swing; face down (2s catch up)

16 Down the hall 4 in line; turn alone; Return; bend the line; say goodbye & face next

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