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Dance Lessons in Mabank TX |
Life May Not Be The Party We Hoped For, But While We Are Here, We May As Well Dance!

A Smile Is The Dance Of The Face; Dance Is The Smile Of The Limbs.
Dance Lessons in Mabank TX



Wanna dance? –

But you’ve got two left feet and three right hands?

Wanna dance? –

But you're not into jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, ballroom, cha-cha, salsa, rumba, paso doble, contemporary, disco, broadway, hip-hop, funk, or popping?

Wanna dance? – 

But you’re not good enough to make the top ten on So You Think You Can Dance?

Or you’re not important enough to be picked for Dancing with the Stars?

Wanna dance? –

But you don’t have a lot of money for weeks, months or years of lessons?

Wanna dance? –

But you don’t have a partner?

Wanna dance? –

Just because you wanna have some fun?





I am a Dance Master (You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother -- Albert Einstein) and I teach/prompt/call:

Contra dances

-    Dances for non-dancers (beginners)

-    Dances for intermediate dancers

-    Dances for experienced dancers

-    Traditional and modern contras

You line up in one line of dancers and your partner lines up

in another line of dancers and you face each other.  Then I

teach you and your partner a set of figures that you and

your partner dance with another couple, then you progress

to another couple and do the same figures with them, then

you progress to another couple and do the same figures

with them.                

Square Dances

-    Old time and singing, not club-style

Barn Dances

-    Dancing with your friends, not your head


Very easy, fun dances in all kinds of formations

Australian Bush Dances

-    Euro/American/Australian barn dances


-    English, Scottisch, and Irish dances

English Country Dances

-    Medieval, Renaissance, Playford, Regency,

       Victorian, Modern

-    Dances for pickle faces (. . .What?)

Big Circle/Smooth Mountain

Southern Appalacian  mountain dance heritage; a combination of round and square dance figures

Body Percussion/Body Rhythms

Rhythmic stomping and clapping patterns

And more

Dances for schools, singles, hayrides, hoedowns,   families, clubs, congregations, reunions, historic re-enactments, weddings, birthdays, corporate



Bar/Bat Mitzvah Mid-Summer or Mid-Winter Fantasy Ball
Big Daddy/Sugar Daddy Dance (Father's Day?) New Year's Masquerade
Bunny Hop De-Wop Odd Ball
Cattle Baron's Ball Phantom of the Opera Ball
Christmas (in December/in July) Pirates of the Caribbean/Pirates of Penzance
Christmas Carol Ball Red and Black Ball
Cinderella's (Fantasy Ball/Masquerade)

Sadie Hawkin's Day Dance

Civil War Ball Scarlet Pimpernel Ball
Critter's Dance/All the Barnyard Animals

Spring Fling/Frolic

Father-Daughter or Mother-Son Dance St. Patrick's Day Dance
George Washington's Birthday Ball Summer/Winter Solstice
Harvest Dance Spring/Autumn Equinox
Hearts and Flowers Dance

Three Musketeer's Ball

Holloween Masquerade/Vampyre Ball Twirp Twirl
Little House on the Prairie Stomp Valentine's Ball
Mad Hatter's Ball

"W" Dance (not related to George Dubya, okay?)

Mad Scientist's Ball (for doctors, etc.) Wedding Dance - Birthday Dance
March Madness Masquerade Yo' Mama's Dance (Mother's Day?)
Mask of Zorro Mask-erade




-           Dancing Is Fun

-           Dancing Is Aerobic

-           Dancing Is like a mini-vacation

-           Dancing relieves stress

-           Dancing is an outlet to the frustrations of everyday life

-           Dancing opens up social possibilities

-           Dancing improves self-confidence

-           Dancing improves posture

-           Dancing improves blood pressure

-           Best Thing That Ever Happened to People

-           Lots of Friendly, Happy People Dance

-           Age Doesn’t Matter

-           We Dance Together

-                You don't have to dance alone

-           Dances Are Not Difficult

-           Footwork Not Important, Timing Is

-           No Previous Experience Necessary

-           No partner necessary

-           No lessons necessary

-           No Fancy Costumes – just comfortable shoes & clothes


I can provide live or recorded music.


Dance Lessons in Mabank TX    

Linda S. Mrosko



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