CDR Kennel

These are some our guys, all have good personalities..


As hard as we try to take good pics of our dogs.. We have been told that our pics do not do our dogs justice, Please note that we post these pics to give you a general idea of what the parents look like.. So, if you see a puppy you like, it will be worth your while to come and look at the puppy and the parents...







black merle

Mark-E  A,C,A, registry, Chihuahua male, weighs 4 1/2 lbs.


Speedy, A young male, A,C,A, registry, 




Cowboy, chihuahua male, Blue merle



Teddy-E, Chihuahua male, longhair weighs 3 1/2 lbs, A,C,A, registry





Taco, male Chihuahua, A,C, A, registry, 




scooby Doo,




jocat,aca,akc, 31/2 lbs

blue brindle 

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